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Bajaj Foundation Releases its Latest Annual Report

Jan 23, 2023 16:18 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • The 6th edition of the annual report sets high bar in performance disclosure with comprehensive look at Foundation’s focus areas and programme outcomes.

  • The report also showcases Foundation’s continued push for self-reliant rural economic development model with villagers at the centre of its efforts.

  • Outlines Foundation’s future strategy as it attempts to align more closely with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Bajaj Foundation, Bajaj Group’s CSR and Philanthropic arm has released its latest Annual Report for FY 2021-22. Offering an in-depth account of its focus areas, programme outcomes and strategic roadmap for the future, the 6th edition of the annual report showcases foundation’s commitment to rural development, people and community empowerment, and sustainability.

Bajaj Foundation Annual Report 2021-22


The report highlights Foundation’s initiatives and achievements in areas such as water resource development, sustainable agriculture, climate change, women empowerment, and rural institution building. Some of the Foundation’s key achievements during FY 2021-22 include:

  • Rejuvenation of rivers and streams stretching a total 687 km across Maharashtra’s Wardha district making 151757 acres of land irrigable/cultivable and benefitting 23070 farming families

  • Water Resource Development programs covering nearly 300000 acres of land benefitting roughly 80000 families

  • Improvement of 156312 acres of land under Sustainable Agriculture practices across 1370 villages positively impacting 115714 farming families

  • Empowerment of 76496 women via Self-Help Groups (SHGs), income generation activities, rearing of indigenous cows and installation of biogas plants across 970 villages

  • Sensitization and training of 83164 farmers on Natural Farming techniques

  • Tighter alignment of interventions with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for greater efficacy of interventions and reach.

Presenting the report, Shri Haribhai Mori, President, Bajaj Foundation, said, “Our work in villages across Wardha, Sikar and Lalitpur has transformed the lives of over 50,000 farmers and roughly 20 lakh people. Our three-pronged approach involving the development of water resources, diversifying agriculture, and enhanced use of technology has led to a visible positive impact across communities. As inheritors of the great Bajaj name, we’re conscious of our responsibilities and will not rest until the dream of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” is realized across our villages.”


Bajaj Foundation’s 6th Annual Report is available on its website and can be accessed by the public. The Foundation encourages its stakeholders to review the report and provide feedback on its CSR initiatives.


About Bajaj Foundation

Bajaj Foundation is Bajaj Group’s CSR and Philanthropic arm. For 60 years, the Foundation through its two constituents viz., Jamnalal Kaniram Bajaj Trust (est.1963) and Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation (est.2008) has been working tirelessly in villages across Sikar (Rajasthan), Wardha (Maharashtra), and Lalitpur (Uttar Pradesh) in key areas of Water Resource Development, Sustainable Agriculture, Women Empowerment, Alternate Energy, and Education to bring about discernable positive change in the lives of people. The Foundation’s interventions are designed such that they invite participation from community members, government agencies, NGO partners, employees and other stakeholders to guarantee success and long-term sustainability.


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Bajaj Foundation Annual Report 2021-22
Bajaj Foundation Annual Report 2021-22
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