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Bandraites Shekhar Tolani and Rahul Kanal to Organize Special Screening of ‘Sultan’ for Underprivileged Kids in Mumbai

Jul 05, 2016   15:07 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

As the epic saga is set to unfold with the release of Salman Khan’s much awaited next ‘Sultan’, Mr. Shekhar Tolani of Sahib Realty and Mr. Rahul Kanal of I Love Mumbai Foundation will be organizing a special screening of the movie for kids from Ashraya Initiative for Children. Over 100 underprivileged kids will witness a 40 year old wrestler from Haryana take on his opponents in the ring and the love story between Sultan Ali Khan and Aarfa, a female wrestler who tackles opponents with raw energy and strength.


‘Sultan’ will be releasing on the occasion of Eid and is expected to break all records this year. “Like every year, we have taken this initiative to spread happiness among kids on this auspicious and holy day of Eid. All the kids will be sporting a customized t-shirt with ‘Sultan’ written on it as they cheer for their favorite bollywood actor Salman Khan. We have been doing this every year and it has become a kind of a tradition for us. Last year we had taken kids for the screening of ‘BajrangiBhaijaan’ and there was a wave of joy and enjoyment on their faces. The excitement among kids keep us motivated to arrange for such special screening.” says Mr. Shekhar Tolani, Founder and Director of Sahib Realty.


The Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC) is dedicated to improving the lives and shaping the futures of vulnerable children in India by advancing educational opportunities, nurturing holistic development and building healthy empowered communities. Kids from Ashraya Initiative for Children will be enthusiastically watching ‘Sultan’ at Movietime Suburbia in Bandra at 3.30 pm on 6th July 2016. The movie show will also be followed by lunch for all the children and a food donation drive to help the needy.


Shekhar Tolani has been involved with various social activities in the past for the development of poor and heads a company called Sahib Realty. The brand operations encompass various aspects of real estate development, such as land identification and acquisition, project planning, designing, marketing and execution. At present, its focus is on the development of projects in Mumbai (Khar&Bandra) but aims to expand its operations throughout the spectrum of real estate across the town & beyond. 

Mr. Shekhar Tolani, Sahib Realty
Mr. Shekhar Tolani, Sahib Realty
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