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Barsys Brings Home Mixology to India with Coaster 2.0

Jan 29, 2024 17:03 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Barsys, the first ever automated cocktail maker, announced the launch of its premier product, the Coaster 2.0 - an amalgamation of innovative technology and sophisticated design. A compact device that turns every customer into an instant mixologist, Coaster 2.0 helps in crafting exquisite cocktails at the comfort of one’s home. Coaster 2.0 gives customers the advantage to explore the most innovative cocktails from world’s best bars and top mixologists. Shipping of the product started from 27th January 2024.


Coaster 2.0 Innovative Home Mixology by Barsys

Akshet Tewari, Barsys Founder, and CEO, says, “It is beyond many people’s imagination that fine cocktails can be made by anyone and anywhere. With Coaster 2.0, we want to break this myth and bring out the bartender in every customer. This smart device can help you curate the best tasting cocktails with step-by-step guidance. This will change the way people spend their evenings in leisure and usher in a new era of home mixology.” 

Barsys Coaster 2.0 features an elegant design with over-the-air notifications that help you stay updated. One can select any drink from the Bluetooth connected app and follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen. The coaster will illuminate, indicating when to start and stop pouring each ingredient resulting in a finely crafted cocktail. Users can access the extensive Barsys library of cocktails allowing them to experiment with new drink combinations. The app is free to use, with or without the purchase of a Barsys device. Consumers have the option to select and add cocktails from Barsys pre-made cocktail lists to their individualized ‘Mixlists’ or keep it completely unique. Cocktails are perfectly blended using The Barsys Mixer – included with purchase. Internal coils control the mixer’s RPMs to automatically shake or stir depending on the recipe selection. This electromagnetic device does not require any charging and one can just place it on the Coaster and watch it spin. Prefer a poured effect? Coaster also works with any standard barware. The Coaster 2.0 is perfect for experimenting with new custom-created cocktails or trying pre-programmed cocktails stored in the app library.

Price: INR 8000 /-

About Barsys
Barsys brings the bar home with innovative technology solutions and luxury barware. The company provides a one-stop-shop for all home bar needs. Since the introduction of the first automated home bartender in 2018, Barsys has continued to expand their offerings. Barsys is committed to the perfect pour, providing continuously upgraded technology that expands the limits of every home bar.

Consumers can order the Coasters through Barsys website


Coaster 2.0 Innovative Home Mixology by Barsys
Coaster 2.0 Innovative Home Mixology by Barsys
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