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Bharat Alt Fuel Announces its Foray in New and Renewable Energy Solutions

Mar 22, 2022 13:24 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Bharat Alt Fuel which primarily focuses on alternative fuel technology & e-mobility has announced its foray in new & renewable energy Solutions. The Company is building its manufacturing facility at Chennai, Tamil Nadu with major focus on energy storage systems. Established in December 2020, Bharat Alt Fuel organized its strong base by ensuring product quality through cutting edge technology, reliable process engineering and quality materials procurement.


Sorubhh K Bharti, Executive Director - Bharat Alt Fuel and Anusha Vanki, Principal Director at AIIC 


Sorubhh K Bharti, Executive Director - Bharat Alt Fuel shares, “At Bharat Alt Fuel, we have developed our core competencies in e-mobility & ESS. However, our extended Solar EPC service portfolio ensures our participation in self-sustained ecosystem of energy generation, preservation & transportation. We believe that safety, efficiency & reliability are the two pillars of success for a startup like ours. We have been focusing on indigenous innovation & manufacturing. The ‘make in India, make for the world’ will remain our guiding principle.”


The startup journey of BAF was not easy. There were number obstacles like financial challenges and competition from major players. After series of rounds with various investors BAF was seed funded by Audisankara Innovation & Incubation Centre (AIIC), Hyderabad.  An infusion of 3.5 Mn USD as seed funding along with establishment of a 20,000 square metres of manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu has definitely given a good start to the team at BAF.


Anusha Vanki, Principal Director at AIIC says that integrated approach towards renewable energy generation & storage is the only solution towards a green future. India will definitely meet its EV targets by 2030 but if powering of EVs still comes from burning of coal (India generates its more than 60% electricity through coal) it will be a bigger disaster. “I was amused with ideas laid down by Bharat Alt Fuel. The business plan had a sense of sustainability & scalability. AIIC incubated this idea & would like to work along with BAF to realize the true potential of the whole idea,” says Anusha.


At the moment, BAF is expanding business horizons with global partners in US, Taiwan & ASEAN countries and are strategizing to strengthen footprints in Asia and Africa. Company is signing power purchase agreements in Cambodia & Tanzania for setting up solar plants of the size of 150 MW. Recently, BAF signed a MOU to set-up a self-sustained agro mill which consists of 800 KW solar plant near Nasik. The project will change lives 12000 farmers when it is fully commissioned and this will be first of its kind. Company is also working on various projects such as public surveillance systems and traffic signals that are self-sustained with Solar Power and ESS. In future, BAF will focus on exploring many new age battery chemistries and other alternative fuels in coming future.


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