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BJP, Haryana Appreciates IFRF Haryana's Selfless Work

May 15, 2018   13:49 IST 
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF), provides mid day meals to 2.5 lakh children of more than 2 thousand government schools in the four districts of Haryana - Gurugram, Palwal, Kurukshetra and Faridabad. The main objective of IFRF is to provide healthy and nutritious food to the children which helps them in physical and mental development.


Mr. Raman Malik, BJP Spokesperson (Haryana) having mid-day meal with the students at Government Primary School, Sector 4/7, Gurgaon


On 11th May, BJP Spokesperson (Haryana), Mr. Raman Malik visited the Gurugram Kitchen along with his wife, son and daughter. IFRF-Vice Chairman (North India Chapter), Mr. Dhananjay Krishna Das, Rahul Saxena (Manager of Gurugram Kitchen) and Mr. Ramatma Das (Promotion-Incharge) welcomed and gave them a complete kitchen tour. On observing the mid-day meals being prepared using the modern techniques, Mr. Raman Malik said, “IFRF is doing a great selfless work in the social sector. On one hand, many children don’t get enough food and on the other there are children who rely on the mid-day meal provided in school for their physical and mental growth. Lord is pleased with such humane service and I hope IFRF continues to serve him with this beautiful feeling.” He was amazed by seeing 20 thousand Chapatis being made in one hour. On observing the unmatched modern infrastructure of the kitchen, he described ISKCON Food Relief Foundation as the excellent example of the welfare of society.


After the Kitchen-Visit, Mr. Raman Malik spent some time among the students of the Government Primary School, Sector 4/7 and distributed mid-day meal to the children with his own hands. He addressed the students in the presence of Principal - Mrs. Suman Sharma and Chief Principal - Mr. Ashok. During his addressal, he encouraged the students to work hard, make progress and aim to achieve high positions in the big companies of Gurgaon.


On a departing note, Mr. Malik said, “IFRF's work is unique and commendable. Our state government will provide help and support in every way and will try to propose the said mid day meal in other districts as well. Other big companies should also go ahead with the IFRF.


Another BJP leader, the Deputy Mayor, Faridabad - Mr. Manmohan Garg also visited the IFRF mid-day meal Kitchen on 6th May. He made a thorough visit and made sure to know about all the ongoing processes in the Kitchen. He appreciated the philanthropic work of IFRF-feeding school children and bringing in more students in the school to study. He assured all-round support in the city of Faridabad. Immediately the bottlenecks of Municipal Corporation were resolved by him while sitting in the premise of the Foundation, for he was so impressed and wished to serve in his capacity.


An upcoming BJP leader, Brahm Yadav - Councillor, Municipal Corporation Gurugram too had a first hand experience of the preparation of midday meal at Gurugram Kitchen of IFRF, Haryana. He was amazed with the maintenance of sanitation and hygiene in the premises and appreciated the selfless work of ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, Haryana.


The mid-day meal project carried out by IFRF, Haryana serves Satvik Food - Blessed Food to the children which helps the child to grow based on that nutrition, makes him healthier, stronger, brighter and more determined in their life. IFRF, Haryana wishes to impart moral values by the medium of food and always look forward to active participation and support to help achieve the greater heights in the endeavour of providing nutritious food to the school children.

Mr. Raman Malik, BJP Spokesperson (Haryana) having mid-day meal with the students at Government Primary School, Sector 4/7, Gurgaon
Mr. Raman Malik, BJP Spokesperson (Haryana) having mid-day meal with the students at Government Primary School, Sector 4/7, Gurgaon
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