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Celebrate the Season of Love this Year with Candere

Love is our true destiny and we would like to walk this journey with you. Because, where there is Love, there is Candere!

Feb 05, 2016   16:30 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

With the season of love ushering in a rose & pink ambiance, creating the most conducive buying atmosphere, revellers are making the most of the best. With the fragrance of love dangling in the air, there is a visible last minute rush to grab the best deals and the most loving gifts for their treasured ones. The one who is loved the most, will take away the most lavish gift, is a bet in the market. Revellers can be seen making frantic rush to stores - both offline & online - excited with last minute shopping thrills. Well, the merchants are enjoying every moment of it, making a kill of this crazy shopping season; wooing buyers with best offers, discounts, deals, the best quality products & services. Thanks to this popular ‘love season’, shopping translates into a massive carnival.


Jewellery is the most preferred & common choice for love-gifting. As such, there is immense challenge lying before jewellers to pick the best for their consumers. To be able to make a killing, jewellers have the challenge before them to carve the best heart-designs for ‘valentiners’ to get their attention! With too many options before them, it also becomes challenging and perhaps tough for buyers to select the best. Candere understands these marketing challenges faced by both - the sellers and buyers. For that reason, Candere has endeavoured to carve the best heart designs and also non-heart designs but adhering to Valentine’s’ concepts and preferences.


Still thinking about ‘how to propose’? Stop thinking and get into action! Your friends have already completed their Valentine purchasing, why do you want to be left behind? Perhaps your partner has picked the most endearing “surprise” for you; what are you waiting for? We know that women love surprises and pampering. We aim to create an enjoyable and pleasurable shopping experience. Candere has it all for making your Valentine’s Day special: engraving, inscribing, proposal pendants & finger print rings, heart-jewellery, loving bespoke designs that will enthral you just by their visual appeal! So irresistible, you can’t just keep staring, you will want to own it and flaunt it too. Flaunting is the best way to convey that you have ‘accepted’ a proposal and to convey that you are a proud owner of a Candere jewellery piece.



Not only that, Candere also engages with their audience, interacts with their clients and congregates with their buyers! We remember your birthdays, anniversaries, special days and make sure to celebrate it with you. We are aware that there are several questions, doubts, myths and apprehensions running in your minds; after all it is about expensive luxurious jewellery and about your hard earned money; we are glad to address your queries. Candere is a premium jewellery store, operating on digital platforms and online channels. Candere designs, delivers & curates diamond, gemstone and gold jewellery for all jewellery lovers pan India and also overseas. We have customer-oriented and shopping-friendly policies - buyback, EMI, secure and efficient delivery, free shipping, best deals, hassle-free payment gateways and more.


You can buy your loved ones, happiness & joy; for sure!

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