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Chakra Aroma Fragrances Pioneers Premium Divine Fragrance Market

Launched at the prestigious ASD show in Las Vegas for the global market

Aug 16, 2017   15:14 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Successful meditation depends completely on the mental state of the meditator. Incense facilitates meditation as it creates a positive visual impact; certain fragrances in the incense impart positive impulses to the brain. Chakra, the export division from the house of India’s homegrown Incense brand Mysore Deep Perfumery House (MDPH) comes from the land of rich Indian culture & traditions which aims in benefiting human race through its premium aromatic incense sticks.



Yoga Agarbatti Box


Incense stick major Zed Black by MDPH, one of the top 3 agarbatti manufacturers of India has recently launched “Chakra” Yoga series at the prestigious ASD show, Las Vegas.  Chakra, pioneering premium divine fragrance market is now not only available across India, also available in USA, UK, Spain, France, Italy & Germany. Designed under “Aroma of Indian Culture”, this series has 12 different fragrances, specially crafted for yoga practice.


Each different agarbatti is based on a specific asanas in the yoga.The brand Chakra represents a series of fragrances which are used for various purposes. Chakra Incense sticks are composed ofpure & natural essential oils blended with aromatic materials. The incense sticks unfolds a majestic essence and nostalgic fragrance which is sought by the Indian tradition. Chakra through its multi-purpose aromas and with a balanced blend of Indian traditions is designed for the effectiveness of vivid things like health benefits, mental peace, stress free environment, spreading happiness and much more. It offers Agarbattis for asanas like Vajrasana, Sarvangasana, Tadasana, Sirsasana, Chakrasana, Vrikshasana, Uttanasana, Gomukhasana, Janusirsana, Utrasana, Siddhasana, Balasana by performing these asanas along with the calm and soothing fragrances that gives immense relief to the individuals is all the more advantageous.


“Chakra Aroma Incense Sticks are a concoction of our ancient culture & tradition. It is the beautiful combination of Hand work and Hard work, dedication and love of India which makes Chakra Aroma Incense sticks much desirable and perfectly carved for the global market”, shares Mr. Ankit Agrawal Director MDPH. He further adds, “We strive to deliver genuine hand crafted natural incense across the world, in a variety of fragrances which blend with every culture and tradition. Through this we aspire to spread “Chakra” which are beneficiary for the human race like mental benefits and health benefits”.


About Chakra

The Chakra Series is specially crafted with the unique blends of aromatic oils and perfumes made for the export market. This series has 12 distinct fragrances which were created with an idea to utilize the delightful aromas as ‘bonus to your health’ whenever performing various yoga asanas. The parent company, Mysore Deep Perfumery House, was started in year 1992 as a household agarbatti packaging unit which is now helmed by the second generation and has a nationwide and indeed international presence in its sector.

Yoga Agarbatti Box
Yoga Agarbatti Box
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