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Chemco Becomes First Company to get BIS Certification for its Baby Feeding Bottle Nipples/Teats

Oct 14, 2021 15:28 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A leading rigid and flexible plastic packaging company, Chemco has achieved a new milestone by grabbing the prestigious BIS 3565 certification for its Baby nipples/teats which makes it the first company in India to achieve this certification.


Baby nipples/teats require high quality and care to ensure no contamination during manufacturing because the product is used directly into the baby's mouth. To get the certificate of ISI 3565 the companies need to set up a special lab which is quite costly and requires big investments. However, ISI 14625 already specifies that all the nipples/teats should follow ISI 3565 but the instruction is being ignored by most baby care products manufacturing companies in India. With Chemco’s feat in getting this certification, its customers and private label brands will be benefitted by this.


Gaurav Saraogi, MD Chemco Group - Manufacturers of various Rigid and Flexible Packaging Solutions


On achieving this feat, Managing Director of Chemco, Mr. Gaurav Saraogi said, “We will leave no stone unturned in bringing all of the finest quality standards to India, even if it is not mandatory. No one wants to compromise quality when it comes to their child and we feel it is our duty as manufacturers to provide them with the correct product and not deceive them. There has always been some ambiguity as to whether IS 3565 is mandatory or not and we are engaging with the BIS department to clarify this for the benefit of our fellow Indians.”


“We at Chemco highly recommend that IS 3565 should be made mandatory to keep a check on low-quality suppliers and force them to raise their quality standards for Indian consumers,” added Mr. Saraogi.


 Chemco works closely with BIS and other government agencies to ensure quality standards in baby care segments. Appreciating the government’s decision to make IS 14625 certification mandatory, Chemco became one of the first companies to get this certification. Chemco is also part of various international organizations like WBT that ensure the highest standards worldwide, protecting our precious infants and babies. Supplying to international brands that have a zero-tolerance policy towards quality defects, Chemco is the only company that can provide it.


The company was started by Mr. Ram Saraogi, Masters in Plastics from USA, with a vision to bring international standard products to Indian consumers. Chemco uses world’s best technology to manufacture all kinds of PET preforms, bottles, containers and other rigid and flexible packaging solutions for various industries. Chemco is also one of the largest manufacturers of baby feeding bottles in India, Chemco assures quality in each of its products.


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Gaurav Saraogi, MD Chemco Group - Manufacturers of various Rigid and Flexible Packaging Solutions
Gaurav Saraogi, MD Chemco Group - Manufacturers of various Rigid and Flexible Packaging Solutions
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