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CHOSEN by Dermatology Celebrates 3rd Year Anniversary as Omnichannel Retailer of High Performance Skin and Hair Products

Introduces a new line of merchandise with their mascot Zola

Feb 13, 2023 16:52 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

CHOSEN by Dermatology is celebrating its third year anniversary the whole of this month by commemorating the release of a range of its merchandise around its mascot-Zola. Further, every member of CHOSEN’s loyalty program can redeem the newly launched merch for Zola points by visiting the store’s website or at its retail outlet located in Egmore, Chennai. 


CHOSEN's merchandise mascot Zola

What had started out as an expanded pharmacy and product trial space has evolved into a full-fledged brand with unique product lines for the skin and the hair segment over the last 3 years. Backed by science, the ingredients of these product ranges are selected based on 3 criteria-extensive safety record as established by clinical trials, proven results again based on published studies, and lastly, dermatologist recommended based on their relevance to Indian skin types and hair needs” said Punitha Vijaykrishnan, Head of Outreach Marketing, CHOSEN.

With a growing customer base and a robust ecommerce presence, CHOSEN Store has come to be associated with its problem-solving line of products. Especially notable is the ecosystem approach to skin care, where products are tailored to cover all aspects of individual needs. Specifically, the intent is to save time and effort for the customer,” she added.
At CHOSEN® by Dermatology, we apply the power of science to do good and look good. We are committed to creating and offering unique products with performing ingredients. We choose ingredients that have research-proven benefits and devise unique ways of drug delivery. At CHOSEN®, we deliver Stuff That Works®!


CHOSEN's merchandise mascot Zola
CHOSEN's merchandise mascot Zola
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