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CHOSEN Launches SMOO Range of Body Moisturizers; Available in 3 Variants as Fresh, Light and Moist

Jan 25, 2023 10:53 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Chennai based CHOSEN store, an amalgamated skin and hair care retail solutions provider, has reiterated its commitment to providing clean beauty options for its customers by launching SMOO, a body moisturizer range. Available to customers in 3 different versions as SMOO Light, SMOO Moist and SMOO Fresh, the goal of this moisturizing creme range is to provide non occlusive skin hydration across all skin types.


Three variants of SMOO that one can choose from


SMOO Fresh is a light but enduring moisturizer that is ideal for tropical winters, where the skin tends to get too greasy with heavier moisturisers. Lightly perfumed with a phthalate free fragrance, SMOO Fresh is ideal for daytime moisturization,” said Punitha Vijaykrishnan, Head of Outreach Marketing, CHOSEN.


Positioned as a unisex moisturizer, SMOO Fresh is a workable option for people with more body hair since the product absorption is rapid. 


SMOO Light is the parfum free moisturizer variant of SMOO Fresh and gives the same nimble moisturization while allowing the skin to breathe free. SMOO Fresh and Light have up to 98.6% natural content,” she added. 


The third in the SMOO range is SMOO Moist. It has 96.8% natural content, and is structured on light butters and skin friendly plant extracts. SMOO Moist melds to give a highly sensorial and spongy moisturizing feel,” Punitha pointed out.


Best for a cocoon like overnight moisturization, SMOO Moist brings an intensely enjoyable feel to the ritual of bedtime moisturization. With Amazonian tucuma butter as the primary anchor, SMOO body moisturizer range targets to provide a perfect marriage of plant goodness with modern comfort.


Despite the high natural content, the SMOO moisturizing cremes do not feel greasy or occlusive, thanks to the principle of green chemistry. Green chemistry concepts envision the delivery of maximum intended benefit with minimum processing of ingredients and thus conserve the high antioxidant value of the plant extracts. 


With so many mineral oil-based moisturizing agents currently available in the marketplace, SMOO comes as a value-added option for those who want to be plant and planet friendly in their personal care product choices. 

Three variants of SMOO that one can choose from
Three variants of SMOO that one can choose from
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