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Clevergene Acquires NovaSeq 6000 DNA Next Gen Sequencer to Widen its Discovery Genomics and Genetic Diagnostics Offerings

Sep 30, 2021 15:36 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

India is witnessing a revolution in genomics, with visionary start-ups on the forefront. Bangalore-based Clevergene is one such dynamic start-up, which has set an exemplary motion to this interesting field, by massively scaling up its sequencing capacity with the Illumina Novaseq™ 6000. This advanced platform from the global genomics leader, Illumina Inc, is an innovation-driven performer and can sequence 50-60 human genomes in <2 days. The sturdy platform ensures no compromise in the data quality, cherry on top is the per GB sequencing & reagent chemistry cost drastically falling down.


At the moment, Genome sequencing has the greatest impact in diagnosis and prognosis of cancer, characterising genetic diseases, and personalized genetic health. Not to forget, sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 has helped develop vaccines in record time and helped track emergence of new viral variants and develop timely strategic plans to control the spread.


The newly acquired NovaSeq 6000 to strengthen capabilities of Clevergene


Clevergene has clearly led the path for other aspirational government and private research & clinical setups to make strides in the Genomic millennium, which we will all be a witness to. Clevergene’s CEO, Tony Jose stated that, “Genomics is taking the central stage in lifesciences research and there is no better time than now to invest in the NovaSeq 6000 platform which is coveted as world’s most advanced DNA sequencer. The NovaSeq will significantly bolster Clevergene’s position in Discovery Genomics and Genetic Diagnostics markets. We aim to undertake large global genomics projects involving hundreds of samples and specialised applications such as single cell gene expression that require significantly high amount of sequence data. We are also expanding our footprint in paediatric genetic disease diagnostics, non invasive prenatal testing and carrier screening with the scaled up sequencing capacity.


The Indian genomics industry is supported & facilitated by Premas Life Sciences, channel partners of Illumina, who have been pioneering to introduce game-changing technologies for several years now. The organization has literally hand-held this industry with technical support to academic as ambitious private customers. Their vision to support breakthrough discoveries in Genomics & Cell Biology is fuelled by empowering aggressive adoption of cutting-edge tools by the research and clinical community. Yogeendra Dawalkar, National Sales Manager at PLS explains “Currently there is a gap which exists between demand and supply in India. Customer requirements of high-quality data with fast turnaround time (TAT) cannot be met by service providers in India due to the insufficient capacity and hence samples are being outsourced to companies outside India. The need of the hour is to create capabilities in India to fulfil this demand for services locally and avoid sending the samples outside India. This is also in line with the larger motive of a self-reliant India.

The newly acquired NovaSeq 6000 to strengthen capabilities of Clevergene
The newly acquired NovaSeq 6000 to strengthen capabilities of Clevergene
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