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Construction Quality is Key to Winning Customer's Trust

May 09, 2024 13:18 IST 
Delhi NCR, India

The Indian real estate market is experiencing a significant boom, with a spotlight on premium and luxury housing, as well as commercial segments. While premium residences garner attention, media reports frequently highlight issues such as poor construction quality, failing infrastructure like lifts, collapsing ceilings, flooded basements, and wall seepages.


Construction Quality is Key to Winning Customer's Trust


Though the percentage of such incidents isn't alarming, imagine the perspective of buyers who invest their life savings into such projects, only to face such construction issues.


There's a pressing need for a systematic approach to quality control. Leading developers are aware of their responsibilities, but it's incumbent upon real estate bodies like CREDAI to establish mechanisms ensuring quality construction and regular maintenance by their members. This ensures the sector maintains a positive reputation and every developer adheres to high-quality standards, from design to post-handover maintenance.


Rajjath Goel, Managing Director of MRG Group, emphasizes, "Quality construction and craftsmanship are the cornerstones of long-term sustainability in real estate. They directly impact property value, durability, and overall customer satisfaction. It's crucial for realty companies to prioritize these aspects, affecting not only brand value but also a moral responsibility."


Educating stakeholders about investing in skilled labor is imperative. Training programs and upskilling efforts enhance workforce capabilities. Buyers must also be aware of their rights; developers are obligated to rectify structural defects or issues within 30 days for 5 years post-handover.


"Quality construction is indeed a challenge for the real estate sector. Although major issues are rare, they grab our attention. However, issues like seepage, peeling paints, and water accumulation are common. Prospective homebuyers should scrutinize developers' credentials, visiting completed projects to assess construction quality," says Salil Kumar, Director of Sales & Marketing at CRC Group.


"Developers view their projects as brand ambassadors. They use the latest technologies, grade A materials, trained workforce, and undertake quality audits regularly to ensure customers' peace of mind," says Harsh Gupta, CEO of Sundream Group.


Before RERA, the real estate sector was largely unregulated. While RERA has addressed many issues, there's still room for improvement. Regulatory authorities must inspect projects regularly during construction. Paperwork and occupancy certificates (OCs) should confirm that buildings are constructed as per plans. Thorough audits of workmanship and material quality are essential.

Construction Quality is Key to Winning Customer's Trust
Construction Quality is Key to Winning Customer's Trust
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