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Contentmart Launches Translation Services - Becoming A Multilingual Digital Content Marketplace

Translation Services by Contentmart - Now creativity knows multiple languages

Nov 10, 2016   10:20 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Another feather in cap for Contentmart. The latest development in our leading content marketplace is the introduction of Translation Services. After offering a successful platform (a digital content marketplace) for more than a year now, our new offering allows the content marketplace to  offer translation service in different languages.“Our online content portal is a one-stop-solution for over thousands of client and 50,000 writing and editing professionals. With an increasing demand for translation services, we have taken the initiative to become a multilingual digital content marketplace” said, Vikas Trivedi, Business Head.



Translation services are beneficial for both parties involved in the marketplace. Like for our client section, by just following a 5-step process when placing an order, they can opt for multilingual writers. It is as simple as, client starts with choosing the language in which the content will be shared for translation. Following this, specifying the language to which the content should be translated to. Next in line is, in case of any definite expertise required from the translator, the same will be specified. After this, the length of the write up needs to stated, to make sure the content meets the required word limit. And last of all, they can share the text with the translator and get it delivered within a specific deadline.


Now, if we talk about the writers registered with us on our digital platform, these services can serve as a productive podium for those having professional translation skills. To make it an easy process for them, we have added a simple checkbox “I’m Translator” on the Contentmart portal under the ‘Profile” tab. Just by selecting this, they can further  pick the languages, which they hold expertise in. Like, if a writer chooses to be a translator who can translate from French to English, the same has to be updated on the Contentmart portal. To make sure that we offer expert translators, we have designed some specific translation-oriented tests. These tests are specifically designed to screen the writers and their paraphrase skills. This is a 20 min skill test based on world-class parameters, which can open a profitable platform for writers to earn more in less time.


To mark a global footprint and excel in different spheres, there is no set domain for the translation projects. Like, Technical translation, Business translation, Medical translation and many more domains have been introduced during the initial phase, which will be followed by many more add-on features to improve our offerings day-by-day,” said Vikas.

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