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CPP Mobile Protect at Special Price by Bajaj Finserv

Jul 19, 2022 11:34 IST 
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Like any other electronic device, smartphones are also vulnerable to accidental damage. These can get damaged due to a liquid spill or develop small to large display cracks due to unfortunate events. It becomes a costly affair to repair the device.


To discard these unnecessary financial challenges, consider purchasing the CPP Mobile Protect plan from Bajaj Finserv with a premium starting from Rs. 1,153 per year. It covers expenses of repairing liquid damage, screen cracks, etc. Check out some of its benefits below.


Top 5 reasons to buy Bajaj Finserv Mobile Protection Plan


Following are the five benefits offered under this plan:


1. Nominal premium price

The premium for this comprehensive mobile insurance plan starts from only Rs. 1,153 for a year for devices ranging between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 10,000. For devices worth Rs. 1 lakh and more, the premium is at a nominal price of Rs. 6,153. One needs to choose a premium to ensure the coverage amount required. This policy comes at a much more reasonable price considering the extent of coverage amount it offers.


2. Extensive coverage against damages

Get coverage against accidental damages, such as a crack in the screen, device breakdown due to liquid spillage, etc. The coverage is provided if the handset was in the policy buyer’s possession during the unfortunate event. The insurer will give a maximum sum insured up to the invoice value of the handset.


3. Two claims within the policy period

Some mobile protection plans give the policy coverage for a single time during the policy period. However, one may never know how often they need to claim the policy benefit. This Pocket Insurance policy by Bajaj Finserv enables one to claim the policy benefits twice without paying extra.


4. Complete device security

The insurer also extends a range of security features to protect handsets against malware. Apart from this, get several necessary facilities, including remote handset lock/data wipe, SIM card lock, scream alarm, etc. The security feature integrated into this insurance cover allows auto-scanning of all the apps customers download. It ensures that the application does not harm the device in any way.


5. Seamless access to entertainment

In addition to benefiting from the financial coverage against accidental damages, one can enjoy access to entertainment. The policy gives free subscriptions to ZEE5 plus and Gaana premium for a year. This way, one can immerse into the joy of live and ad-free streaming of unlimited video content or songs without paying additional charges.


Customers can protect their finances against accidental damages caused to their smartphones by covering their smartphones with the mobile protection plan. It gives financial protection up to the purchased price of the handsets. The insurer also enables to choose a premium price considering the coverage amount needed. This flexibility prevents one from paying an extra price to cover the handset.


Individuals can easily apply online and pay the charge to buy this policy. You can secure all these benefits by purchasing the mobile insurance cover from Bajaj Finserv.

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