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Critically Acclaimed Film Patriots Day off to a Great Start, Critics Dub it a Perfect “Anti-Trump” Movie

Mar 05, 2017   13:20 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The Runaway Luminosity Distribution release “Patriots Day”, based on the 2013 Boston terrorism attacks-starring Mark Wahlberg & Academy Award Winner J. K. Simmons, hit the theaters on Friday to rave reviews and great reception by the audience. As a drama-thriller about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the subsequent terrorist manhunt, Patriots Day created a lot of buzz as many reviewers called it the “Perfect Anti-Trump Film” that America needs right now. With the recent turn of events in the Indian context, involving college politics, Army, Nationalism and Terrorism that have sparked many debates, the film has found a niche audience especially in the college going audience.



The gripping narrative which swivels between the first responders, survivors and investigators has a percussive force and mines out the best tropes of the chase genre. The human cross-section, spliced archive clips and visceral location shooting, create a throbbing sense of the city's pulse that becomes the engine of Patriots Day. Mark Wahlberg gives a restrained performance picking up from where he left off in the 2016 release “Deep Water Horizons“ while J. K. Simmons holds in own in this unflinching retelling of the worst terrorist attack on American Soil since 9/11.


With “La La land” celebrating 50 days at the Indian Box Office and the success of Oscar Nominated “Deepwater Horizon” and “Jackie”  the distributors Runaway Luminosity have been propelled to bring in more critically acclaimed Hollywood content to Indian Cinemas.


5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss out on Patriots Day

1. Patriots Day is a stirring tale of ordinary heroism after the Boston Bombings


2. Peter Berg’s compelling and empathetic storytelling makes you feel a part of the crisis instead of being a spectator. You’ll like this film for the same reason that you admired Ram Madhvani’s 'Neerja' last year. 


3. Genuinely exciting megaplex entertainment, informed by extensive research, featuring bona fide movie stars, and staged with equal degrees of professionalism and respect.


4. He virtually thrives on a viewer’s nerves, on our awareness that “it” is just around the corner and stretches the intro skillfully, quietly – piano to strings and back – making this phase feel like we were holding our breath underwater.


5. Adrenaline Pumping, Nail-biting and poignant


Patriots Day released on March 3 is playing in cinemas in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Goa, Bengaluru, Kochi, Mysore, Nagpur, Ahemedabad & Chandigarh.




Watch the trailer here:

Runaway Luminosity Distribution - Patriots Day
Runaway Luminosity Distribution - Patriots Day

Patriots Day - Official Trailer
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