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DaMENSCH Issues Public Interest Announcement - 'Wear Pants' to Men Who Love Boxers

May 19, 2022 13:49 IST 
Delhi, India

Some occasions call for men to Wear Pants. For all others, there’s ultra-light Breeeze Boxers by DaMENSCH. Premium menswear brand DaMENSCH throws light on the trend of soft, ultra-light boxers becoming the new normal outfit in its new quirky, post-pandemic campaign.


Ultra-light Breeze Boxers by DaMENSCH


Through a series of short videos, DaMENSCH issues a public interest announcement to men reminding them to wear pants as they turn up in the brands ultra-light Breeze Boxers for a date, at cricket matches and even for investor meetings.


The communication follows the insight that through the pandemic men got a bit too comfortable in their ultra-light Breeeze Boxers. The boxers could get too close to comfort for men who are out and about, on dates, or business meetings or travel model.


Travel mode:

Date night:

Cricket match:


Commenting on the new campaign, Deepti Karthik, Senior Vice President, DaMENSCH said, “As the fastest growing D2C brand in apparel segment, DaMENSCH has benefited from the pandemic creating ripples in menswear where now comfortwear is setting trends. Our Breeze boxers are ultralight with quirky designs and we often have consumers tell us that these are the most comfortable boxers they have ever worn which was the key insight for this campaign.”


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Ultra-light Breeze Boxers by DaMENSCH
Ultra-light Breeze Boxers by DaMENSCH
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