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Delhi NCR Girl Diya Singh Help Stray Dogs through Various Dog Shelters

Jun 11, 2021 12:00 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Seeing a stray animal may tug at our hearts a little, but few go the extra mile to give them a better life. Stray animals not only struggle to find a safe place to hide but also find it difficult to scavenge for food.


Diya Singh


Sixteen-year-old Diya Singh a student of Grade 11 from The Shri Ram School, Aravali from Gurgaon has been a friend to hundreds of animals since she was a child. Her love for animals is being driven by her Family. Diya’s Family believes in giving back to society. “Charity” as people call it, but she calls it doing for others what others can’t do for themselves. So, she decided to utilize the proceeds from Better Batter Bakes to help stray dogs through various dog shelters.


Like most 16-year-olds carrying their routine Diya also follows the same she goes to school, study, and generally have fun in life. She loves baking and must be doing it really well because people are willing to pay her to bake goodies for them. She started out baking simple sponge cakes with her grandmother in their kitchen at home when she was kid, but as she grew older her passion grew and then she started experimenting with various recipes and making more complicated items.


Further she moved to cupcakes, cookies, brownies, ice cream and truffles. And while happily baking away to glory, an idea struck her to share her passion with others. Then she tried hard to make better recipes on a daily basis and market her product. She made an Instagram page and started working on it. She wanted to make a product that no one could resist buying. After months of work, she finally had a social media platform where people around Delhi NCR easily place orders. Very soon she realized that there is more joy when you help others with your passion.


So many of us have pets at home these days and we do so much to take care of them but most of us do nothing for the stray dogs out on the streets. For her “Charity” means doing for others what others can’t do for themselves. So, she decided to utilize the proceeds from Better Batter Bakes to help stray dogs through various dog shelters. At first, she bought food for the dogs around her colony and soon she had a surplus amount, so she tied up with NGOs like The Karma Animal Foundation. Over time she sold more than 800 boxes of brownies alone and supported many dogs with food. Also, last Diwali Diya sold 89 boxes thereby helping 35 dogs with food and bought 12 blankets and 20 winter coats for them. 

Diya Singh
Diya Singh
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