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Delhi’s 3 Years Kids Art Exhibition Raises Rs. 1.2 Lakh for Kerala Flood Relief

Oct 08, 2018   16:12 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

In an exemplary Art exhibition event, Delhi based play school Intelligentsia raised Rupees 1.2 Lakh for Kerela Flood relief. The exhibition was organized to display paintings by kids who are at age of 3 years and raise funds to help transform lives in Kerela. The whole concept was to create awareness about natural calamities and develop a sense of empathy in the mind of the kids.


 Auction during Painting Exhibition by Kids at Intelligentsia


Kids were shown videos of beautiful Kerala and also the flood hit one. They were taught the concept of natural calamity and how it adversely impacts on human and other living creatures. They were divided into groups and asked to make a city, castle and even a lot of cars and people using Lego sets. These sets were then thrown away with water and flushed out. Emotions of the kids were heartbreaking as they were crying and some of them were even reaching to divert the water pipes. They understood the concept of flood emotionally. After this, kids were engaged into brain storming session of how to help these people in Kerala and they understood the idea of helping hands.


The idea and response from the kids were so heartwarming that the founder of the school Dr. Gaurav Nigam decided to organize a painting exhibition by them and raise funds to extend help to Kerela flood victims. 


Dr. Gaurav Nigam, Founder of Intelligentsia says, “This art exhibition and fund-raising activity has given us another reason to think about the thinking abilities of kids. We all are deeply saddened by this devastation, and we hope that this fundraiser auction will contribute in helping those in need during this disaster.


Normally such things are expected and named as “maturity”, but at intelligentsia we want them to know this as basic, and inculcate these characteristics in kids.Dr. Gaurav Nigam adds.


The fund raised in the auction of paintings will be donated to Kerela Flood Relief.


About Intelligentsia

Founded by Dr. Gaurav Nigam, a well-known educationist, paediatrician, and author; Intelligentsia is a highly researched play school in New Delhi. Intelligentsia is all about scientific research and delivering early education through STEM approach.


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About Dr. Gaurav Nigam

Dr. Gaurav Nigam is a well-known educationist, paediatrician, Founder of iCare, and Founder of Intelligentsia. He has also authored a book titled ‘Devil Inside My Mind’. Dr. Nigam gathered simplicity from Gandhian institute in Sewagram and knowledge from prestigious bodies like MGIMS, Wardha; NIMHANS, Kidwai and Harvard Medical School. He is also the founder of iCare- an organization working in the area of new-age Child Health care; and Intelligentsia, research-based play School.


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Auction during Painting Exhibition by Kids at Intelligentsia
Auction during Painting Exhibition by Kids at Intelligentsia
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