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Designaren Concludes Holistic Design Initiative for Sankhya Partners Pvt. Ltd. which Manages the World’s First Women Impact Fund

Jun 03, 2015   14:34 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Creative design agency Designaren announced that it successfully concluded a holistic design initiative for Sankhya Partners Pvt. Ltd. that manages Sankhya Women Impact Fund, the world's first women-only investor fund, focusing on supporting early stage enterprises that have a sustainable impact on low-income, primarily disadvantaged women.

As part of this project, Designaren ensured a thorough simulation of ideas before it laid down the design of the Logo and subsequently the branding essentials, the website design and development, infographics and their corporate presentation.

Commenting on this, Nirali Parekh Rathi, Co-Founder, Designaren says, “When it comes to working with financial institutions the most important aspect is the ability to create trust. In the case of Sankhya, it really helped that Designaren believed in the promoters and their mission and it made it easier for us to develop their branding and marketing collaterals. With the branding, we wanted to show the dynamism and strength that a women’s fund has. With the design of the collateral it is possible to achieve this. We wanted to keep in mind that women’s growth is the forefront of Sankhya.”

Ritesh Rathi, Co-Founder, Designaren adds, “With Sankhya, as well as our other clients, we wanted to make sure that the audience is not sitting and viewing the same corporate presentation with lots of words and poorly put together slides. Considering how important the presentations are, we wanted to replace the old paradigm of corporate presentations and make the content vivid and interesting using infographics, clean well laid slides. A clear and concise presentation can allow someone to convey their message in the best possible way. We all have had to sit through drab presentations and having been through many of those, we wanted to make sure that it doesn’t happen anymore.”

Shloka Nath, Director, Sankhya Partners Pvt. Ltd says, “We had an excellent experience working with Designaren. The entire team is equipped with a highly professional work ethic and is committed to helping you as a client, realise and implement the various design aspects behind your project. Both Nirali and Ritesh have in this way built a powerful brand for their company. They are also highly responsive and manage both creative flows as well as concerns in a timely, flexible manner. More often than not, we found them going above and beyond the call of duty to meet our expectations and they usually delivered far beyond. We will be using them again in the future and will continue to recommend them as our design team of choice.” 

Designaren has been part of the changing corporate landscape where design is making a greater impact than it ever did. Whether the client is an old family business looking to compete on the global market, or a mid-size company looking to differentiate itself from competition, Designaren has been able to provide their services using their mantra “our clients success is our success” very effectively.  

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