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Digital First Brands Discover Newer Markets and Consumers with SugarBox Networks

Jul 19, 2022 17:32 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • ‚ÄčBuilding a sustainable ecosystem with App partners and Network partners

  • Unlocking the potential to extend the reach of App Partners to newer geographies


The growth of digital commerce has permanently changed the way consumers shop today. And subsequently the rapid rise of e-commerce, as a result, has had an immense impact on the Global economy. Thus, the need for curating an era where Digital-first brands are on the lookout for newer markets to enter and consumers to engage with. However, issues such as patchy or intermittent connectivity or high levels of latency, continue to exist as hurdles in the way of a seamless experience, causing consumers to lose interest, and thereby impacting a brand’s business. For instance, 88% of online shoppers say they are less likely to return to a site after a poor experience. In this situation, having a stable and reliable network becomes essential, especially for e-commerce brand.


SugarBox Networks Ecosystem


And this is what SugarBox Networks is building for - enabling e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to extend their outreach to new markets and larger set of consumers. This ‘Made in India’ technology company is working with leading brands such as GIVA, Aaheli, Mulmul, Homemade.Love, Praakritik, Leaf Studios, Man Matters, and Actofit among others.


SugarBox Networks, the world’s first hyperlocal edge cloud technology, has been working on making access to digital connectivity anytime, anywhere a reality. This solution reduces dependency on connected infrastructure, facilitating reliable and scalable data delivery, be it a remote village, a crowded suburban train or metro or even when in the skies! In other words, SugarBox is creating a sustainable environment for consumers to discover, transact, download, or access native digital app content, even if they are in an unconnected geography. Thereby constructing a stable platform for app partners to grow their business.


A recent report by Morgan Stanley showcased how the e-commerce market has plenty of room to grow and could increase from $3.3 trillion today to $5.4 trillion in 2026. The advent of digital connectivity has completely changed the way consumers shop, pushing brands to recalibrate their approach to reach new as well as existing consumers. At SugarBox, we realised that our product is at the intersection of bridging this need gap. Through our patented technology we can provide consumers a seamless digital experience and at the same time, open new channels for brands to engage with their customers. Presently, we are working closely with brands across categories such as OTT, e-commerce, Edtech, Fintech, and will soon collaborate with categories such as Gaming, Podcasts, Music, Short Form Videos” said Rohit Paranjpe, CEO  & Co-founder, SugarBox Networks.


(Speaking about how these partnerships have designed some interesting use-case for the App ecosystem, we have few of our esteemed partners share their thoughts).


Pratik Saraogi, CEO, Actofit, said, “The widespread pandemic was indeed a wake-up call for consumers to opt for a fitter lifestyle. The demand for smart wearables has shot up, and increasingly from a diverse and upcoming market. As an emerging brand it is imperative for us to find new ways to reach and engage with our consumers digitally. SugarBox’s unique platform helps us do exactly this and enables us to carve a unique position in this competitive market.”


GIVA & AVNI as a consumer-centric brand, has always had a closer touch on the pulse of the changing market trends. We have often observed how intermittent connectivity is one of the top reasons affecting a delightful e-commerce experience. Extending our reach to the audiences in the metros and local trains, gives us access to a captive audience in under-connected areas. Moreover, payment options like ‘Pay Later’ & ‘Cash on Delivery’, have resulted in consumer confidence. We are excited to work with SugarBox and unlock new possibilities together,” added Saurabh Mathur, Head of Revenue, GIVA & AVNI, a leading digital-first jewellery brand.


“We are a growing brand, and our core proposition is based on giving consumers a sense of familiarity and comfort through our products. In our quest to gain long-term consumers, we are keen on a platform that not only connects with them but also captures their attention in a manner that they are able to understand our brand better. SugarBox’s innovative platform aligns with our growth plans, and we are keen to break into new markets together,” remarked Vanshaj Kapur, Founder, Homemade.Love, a D2C food brand.


About SugarBox Networks

SugarBox Networks is the world’s first Hyperlocal Edge Cloud platform that enables Users, Networks (ISPs, Internet Infra providers, etc.) and Digital Services (Apps, Websites, etc.) alike, to harness the power of Local Area Networks. With this technology at its heart, the company is reimagining connectivity for the unserved and underserved globally, to make digital access affordable, and reliable for the masses, whilst being economically viable for the existing internet ecosystem.


SugarBox, co-founded by Rohit Paranjpe, Devang Goradia and Ripunjay Bararia in 2016, installs Edge servers at places where users are present and prone to access digital services (POIs). These Edges are installed close enough to the users so that they can now be accessed via wired and wireless Local Area Networks, to reduce the amount of internet bandwidth required by users. This disruptive technology also enables Apps and websites to function seamlessly, even when the internet network is patchy or if the network goes off altogether for a while, using its patented technology.


This technology has found tremendous success in enabling in-transit connectivity across Hyderabad and Chennai Metro Rail as well as Central Railways in Mumbai suburban area. At these locations SugarBox is powering in-transit connectivity for commuters to stream or download content, shop, transact even at times when the network is patchy or unavailable, at zero data cost. SugarBox has also deployed the technology solution in over 40-gram panchayats across Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, in partnership with Common Service Center (CSCs), bridging the digital divide for the villagers. Website / LinkedIn.

SugarBox Networks Ecosystem
SugarBox Networks Ecosystem
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