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Digital Marketing Agencies of India Awards 2022 by

Sep 26, 2022 10:30 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India is a robust, no-code website personalization platform created for marketing teams to display the best pitch for each visitor in order to maximize sales via increased conversions and engagement on websites with tailored, goal-oriented, and ever-changing content. - Marketers' Favorite No-code Website Personalization Platform's ability to identify visitors and map their traits from various sources, as well as understand visitor behavior from their journeys and actions, removes the guesswork and provides valuable insights to marketers, allowing them to plan and design their marketing campaigns and website optimization strategies effectively and effortlessly.


The powerful visual editor in gives marketers the freedom to customize any aspect of the site as they see fit. The platform does not care what kind of frontend or backend technology is powering the website. Therefore, it can be easily integrated with ANY platform (WordPress, Webflow, Bubble, Wix, in-house/custom-built websites, etc.) in a matter of minutes.

Now the business and marketing departments will be able to make changes, run trials, and optimize websites without involving the IT department.


Teams who have used have found that they gain not just from an increase in lead conversion, but also from the value-addition that comes from upselling and cross-selling tactics.


Winners of Top 20 Marketing Agencies of India Awards 2022 by

Why did decide to recognise and honour India's greatest marketing agencies?


We at always had this concept that we should work toward developing a holistic community for Marketers, and we had done a lot of events in the past as well for this purpose, but they were on a modest scale. One of our goals going forward is to expand the size of those activities.


This time, we made the conscious decision to take things to the next level, and the outcome of that decision is the #Top20IndianDigitalMarketingAgenciesAwards.


In spite of the significant contributions they provide to the marketing profession, agencies are among the least respected players. As a result, we committed ourselves to the endeavor of identifying the top 20 agencies in India, despite the fact that it is a rather challenging feat.


What is the procedure for selecting the winners?


A series of rigorous procedures were taken. These are the steps we took.


One of the first things we solicited nominations from all Indian agencies. In polling, anyone may come and vote for their favourite agency, and we held a poll for 10 days as a result.


Second, we spoke with all of the shortlisted agencies' clients to get their input on the nominated agencies.


Third, we evaluated the social evidence of each of these agencies by checking at their online customer reviews or product reviews.


In the fourth step, we examined all of these agencies' social participation by examining their social media postings and interaction on these posts.


We completed all of the preceding processes, and weightage was assigned to each of the previously obtained parameters.


Winners were chosen based on the scores obtained with these parameters along with the jury feedback for each.


Believe us, this is a difficult effort.


What is the response from agencies?

Agency cooperation and healthy rivalry have existed from the get-go. While still in the first stages of polling, we have had extensive interactions with all of the agencies involved. Most of the agencies submitted very insightful comments during the evaluation process.


All of the awardees were visibly moved by the outpouring of support they received at the awards ceremony's conclusion.


Words from Co-founder & CEO of - Ashwin Kumar is a platform developed for marketers, and we have been in daily contact with the marketing community since our inception. We have observed that marketing agencies acquire new technologies quickly and make every effort to pass these technologies and their benefits on to their clients. Regardless of the hurdles, agencies strive extremely hard to accomplish the goals established by their customers.'s award is social acknowledgment for their outstanding work and devotion to assisting their clients' businesses in growing. I am confident that this award will help organizations distinguish between excellent and outstanding.


Congratulations to everyone who won!” - Ashwin Kumar


Top 20 winners (not in any order)


  • Social Beat

  • RepIndia

  • SRV Media

  • PivotRoots

  • Pink Lemonade communication

  • BC Web Wise

  • Kenscio Digital Marketing

  • Pulp Strategy Communication

  • Eggfirst Advertising and Design

  • Adyogi

  • Technians

  • Saletancy Consulting

  • Blusteak Media

  • Growth Hackers Digital

  • Big Bang Social

  • Spinta Digital

  • Diquery Digital

  • Brandshark

  • The Go-To Guy!

  • XOR Labs


Hall of Fame Winners


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Winners of Top 20 Marketing Agencies of India Awards 2022 by
Winners of Top 20 Marketing Agencies of India Awards 2022 by
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