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Dogsee Aims for Holistic Dog Care: Launches New Product Lines Dogsee Veda, Dogsee Singles and Dogsee Play Treatoy

Jul 25, 2022 15:05 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

100% natural Dog treats start-up, Dogsee, today announced the launch of their new pet hygiene products portfolio. While the pet care market is growing exponentially, the company aims to capture 60% of the natural pet care market. Dogsee fits the equation of natural pet care and took it a step further by adding three new product lines to their holistic pet well-being mission-Dogsee Veda, Dogsee Singles, and Dogsee Play Treatoy. These products were launched at the country’s largest veterinary event by eminent practitioners. Dr. R Narendra, founder of Bangalore Pet Hospital and President, Pet Practitioner's Association of Karnataka (PPAK) launched Dogsee Play Treatoy while Dr. Nanjundappa V M, Vice President of PPAK and Founder of V-Care Pet Polyclinic flagged off the Dogsee Veda. Dogsee Chew Singles was given a get-go by Dr. Nagesh Reddy, General Secretary, PPAK and Founder of Jeeva Pet Hospital.


Dogsee's new product range Dogsee Singles, Dogsee Veda & Dogsee Play Treatoy


Dogsee Veda is part of the brand’s new product segment Hygiene for Dogs where pet owners can choose from a range of natural shampoos for their dogs. This category includes Dogsee Veda Oatmeal : Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo, Dogsee Veda Tea Tree: Odour Control Dog Shampoo, Dogsee Veda Coconut: Shed Control Dog Shampoo, and Dogsee Veda Aloe Vera: Itch Relief Dog Shampoo. These Dogsee Veda shampoos are made using Ayurvedic formulae-complete with natural materials that are devoid of toxins, making them great for all dog skin types. 


Continuing with their efforts to bring nourishing and organic food to all dogs, the Dogsee team has also added Dogsee Singles to their existing bouquet of healthy dog treats. The new Dogsee Singles, available in carrot and coconut flavours, are 100% natural hard chew bars made from Himlayan cheese. These long lasting treats are great to taste and also help common dog issues like plaque and tartar.


Dogsee Play Treatoy is the third innovative addition to the category which plays the triple role of a toy, tasty treat and a teeth cleaner. A non-toxic chew treat-cum-toy for dog, the soft ​​flexible form is gentle on the gums while its textured shape helps keep teeth clean. The nugget is made of 100% natural Himalayan cheese and other ingredients, this treat-toy is the perfect playmate for a pooch.


Bhupendra Khanal, Co-founder, Dogsee states, “The Dogsee vision has always been to improve pet care in the most natural and organic way. While the treats will always be close to our hearts, we know that it is not enough, especially in a market which is saturated with chemically laced products. This is why, as a part of our health segment, we introduced Dogsee Veda. As the name suggests, this line is backed by Ayurveda, allowing only natural materials to touch these sensitive floofs. Our favourite chew treats also witnessed a new addition in the form of Dogsee Singles which holds a lot of promise for the dog treat segment. Dogsee Play Treatoy is yet another proud innovation we curated to mix play with pet care and ensure peace of mind for pet parents as their furry babies chew on what they think is a toy! It is exciting to see these new product lines in the market and look forward to growing further in this domain.”


Catering to customers across India, U.S, and Europe, Dogsee is a global brand with a traditional twist. While most materials are sourced from the Himalayan regions, Dogsee is headquartered in Bengaluru and recently set up an additional yet expansive unit in the city with a vision to accommodate growing demand and product lines. The start-up has also set up a dedicated team of people comprising procurement, R&D, sales and marketing and research to upscale the quality and innovation in the pet care industry.


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Dogsee's new product range Dogsee Singles, Dogsee Veda & Dogsee Play Treatoy
Dogsee's new product range Dogsee Singles, Dogsee Veda & Dogsee Play Treatoy
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