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Eden Bag: A Budding Ecosystem in the Indian Food Market now Offers “Cash only on Satisfaction” for its Customers

One order credit, customers pay only when they are satisfied and order next time

Sep 14, 2015   14:30 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Agrinext Foods Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a new ecosystem with the name Eden Bag is expected to bring a transformation in the industry of agrarian products through completely new set of supply chain and operational principles. The founding stone for Eden Bag is its supply chain. They source from the local producers and deliver it fresh every day to their customers.

Eden Bag has come up with an absolutely new model to serve its customers better; this has never been implemented before by any other player. Their new “Cash Only On Satisfaction” scheme with their customers reflects their confidence on freshness and quality of the fruits and vegetables they deliver. This unique program offers one order credit to its customers who can first use the product and then choose to pay for the service and continue with it only if they are satisfied with the received order.

Core to their business model is their philosophy of “Happy Farmers and Happy Customers”, Eden Bag focuses on delivering the farm fresh fruits and vegetables to its customers and providing the maximum benefits to farmers. The reduced levels of supply chain ensure that there is minimum wastage, increased shelf life and the freshness is retained by the time produce reaches the consumers. How farmers benefit is that they get a relatively better price for their produce vis-à-vis mandi’s, they are not bullied by the middle men, and in near future this ecosystem will also provide them with technical and financial assistance.

The founder of Eden Bag, Kundan Kishore, is an investment banker by profession. His roots hail from a farming family and thus his innate fascination with agriculture industry. He researched in over 250 villages to understand the agrarian industry to come up with a solution benefitting everyone in the supply chain. “Through Eden Bag, we want to empower the local producers and farmers by providing them technical and financial assistance in producing better quality and quantity of the produce”, said Kundan Kishore.

Eden Bag’s philosophy of “Happy Customers, Happy Farmers” ably supported by its “Cash Only on Satisfaction” motto definitely looks to bring a change for betterment of the agriculture industry in India.

Any order on Eden Bag by a customer is charged after the customer is completely satisfied with the quality of products.

EDEN BAG [E-Commerce platform for Agrarian Products]

A BITS Pilani Graduate with work experience in top Investment Banks like RBS, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital, and Citibank as a consultant, Kundan Kishore, was fascinated by the countryside. While he travelled through the nation and abroad, he realized that the quality of vegetables and fruits in NCR is not something close to nature fresh. His keen interest towards farming drove him reach out to the farmers and understand the gap in the market. Before quitting Barclays Capital as Assistant Vice President, in his pursuit, he visited over 250 villages and spoke to farmers about the whole establishment of the farming business. Kundan conceived the idea of Eden Bag as an answer to the pain points of both farmers and consumers. His idea is to develop an ecosystem for the farming business where produce from the farms is directly sold to the people in urban cities. Eden Bag’s vision is to convert pain points and challenges of the end consumer to a great opportunity for the farmers.

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