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ESC Appoints Sushil Sharma as the Convenor of Rajasthan

Jul 01, 2022 17:01 IST 
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Mr. Sushil Sharma, the Founder and CEO of Marwari Catalysts, has been recently appointed as the Convenor of Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC), Rajasthan.


R to L: Sushil Sharma, Gurmeet Singh and Asad Wasi


ESC is India’s apex trade promotion council sponsored by the Government of India, mandated to promote India’s Electronics, Telecom, Computer Software, and IT Enabled Services to global markets. Witnessing the rise of the startup ecosystem in the country, ESC is playing a crucial role in facilitating the interaction of Indian SMEs with potential buyers in the global market. Moreover, the organization is on the mission to promote India’s electronics, software, and IT companies’ participation in Global Trade Shows, Exposition, and Conferences.


Speaking on the announcement, Sushil Sharma says, “I am both honored and grateful to be the Convenor of ESC. I have been with the council for 11 years as a member, and being appointed as the Convenor of ESC Rajasthan is a great achievement for me. Furthermore, ESC has contributed a lot to my professional journey by connecting me with 50+ international business networks and facilitated my visit to 15+countries as a part of the ESC delegation.”


He further adds, “We have even signed an MoU with Rajasthan Foundation, which will help us associate with non-resident Rajasthanis (NRRs) worldwide to create, build and nurture the startup ecosystem in the untapped market in Rajasthan. I believe working with these two organizations will help us build a vibrant and export-oriented business ecosystem in Electronics and IT in Rajasthan.”


Sushil Sharma believes that the IT sector in India is expected to grow in the near future. Despite the initial hiccups, it has remained resilient during the current crisis, and its response will go a long way in securing stronger partnerships with global clients. Moreover, the SMEs, especially the IT SMEs, are exposed to greater opportunities for expansion and diversification across sectors.


He added, Rajasthan has a strong IT & Electronic industry, and the entrepreneurs are ambitious. We are sure that we’ll have a solid contribution to the ESC journey. Further, this will promote the Rajasthani industrialists to a global level which will benefit the state enormously.


Congratulating him, the Executive Director at ESC, Gurmeet Singh, says, “With its 2400 active members across the country, ESC promotes and supports the international growth of SMEs and MSMEs. The council also has active state chapters in the country, and the members are collectively working to make our IT & Electronics industries grow beyond our geographical boundaries & create a global impact.”


In summing up, Sushil Sharma says, the ESC journey has played a significant role in honing my entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Starting the entrepreneurial journey as a struggling founder, facing multiple failures to bounce back and revolutionize the startup ecosystem in Tier II & Tier III cities of the nation, the 11 years of invaluable learnings and acquired skills at ESC have guided me through my journey as a Founder of Marwari Catalysts. 

R to L: Sushil Sharma, Gurmeet Singh and Asad Wasi
R to L: Sushil Sharma, Gurmeet Singh and Asad Wasi
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