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EVOCHEF Launches EC FLIP - World's First Smart Dosa Maker

All new and surprising kitchen innovation

Oct 20, 2022 10:41 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

EVOCHEF, an innovative and smart kitchen automation company, is all set to enter the kitchen with state-of-the-art smart and unique offerings - this time launching a first-of-its-kind, EC FLIP, the world’s first smart dosa maker. The EC FLIP smart dosa maker has stormed the market and revolutionised the kitchen by ‘printing’ rectangular dosas - a huge change from the regular circular dosas.


EVOCHEF launches EC FLIP - World’s First Smart Dosa Maker


The EC FLIP is ideal for working professionals who do not have much space and time to cook. The sole purpose of EC FLIP is to make lives easier by dishing out dosas in just 3 easy steps. Click. Load. Eat! The EC FLIP will reduce the time to set up the stove, clean up after the cooking process, and the requirement of a kitchen to make dosas. Now, anyone can make their favourite dosas anywhere.


On speaking at the launch of EC FLIP, Mr. Senthilnathan, the Founder of EVOCHEF, said, “The kitchen is the heart of every home, and smart cooking is the future. We are committed to redesigning this niche with efficient and versatile cooking. EVOCHEF caters to kitchen essentials with a premium finish and an elegant sense of style.


Available in four vibrant colours, Golden Beige, Metallic Orange, Metallic Blue, and White, EVOCHEF appliances are manufactured in India and are based on the highest standards of European design and materials of premium quality. Their innovative technology ensures consistency in the quality of food prepared, minimises labour, and saves a whole lot of your time.


Your EVOCHEF EC FLIP dosa maker comes with the following:

  • A detachable blade

  • A spatula

  • Oil container

  • Soft Scrubber to clean the roller

  • Detachable batter separators

  • Detachable a 700 mL batter tank with a lid

  • Collecting tray

  • A manual

  • And a warranty card


EC FLIP dosa maker boasts of its made-to-order options to choose from the thickness and quantity to its cooking time. The EC FLIP product is compatible with different types of batters ranging from plain dosas to rava, to bajra, and even oats dosa. Once the options are set and chosen on the dosa maker, the EC FLIP will start printing hot A4-sized dosas that can be served with our regular side dishes. An added feature of the product includes mixing the batter with finely chopped vegetables or adding different toppings to the batter like dal chili powder, cheese, mayonnaise, and even chocolate, making the product innovative as well as a healthy alternative to choose from.


“The EC FLIP runs on electricity and needs to be plugged into a socket. EVOCHEF ships the machine to countries that will be compatible with the model whose capacity is 1600W and 230 V. Interested buyers across the world can purchase the EC FLIP dosa maker from the website or can visit the store in Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai to get a proper feel of the product at the time of purchase. Four vibrant colours options are also made available for the customers to choose from. The EC FLIP comes with an extensive warranty that lasts for one year from the date of purchase,” adds Mr. Senthilnathan, the Founder of EVOCHEF.


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EVOCHEF is a smart kitchen solutions company that combines advanced technology with appliances that every home needs. With our expertise and advanced design solutions, we seek to understand the lifestyle and needs of our customers and connect with them by shaping the world of kitchen appliances.


From the family that started Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliance, EVOCHEF is no stranger to bringing to the market distinctive and versatile kitchen products that have a premium finish and an elegant sense of style and are efficient to use.

EVOCHEF launches EC FLIP - World’s First Smart Dosa Maker
EVOCHEF launches EC FLIP - World’s First Smart Dosa Maker
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