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Nextech HR Summit
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Experience Workplace Innovation in Action at the Nextech India HR Summit 2023

FITPASS, as the presenting partner collaborates with ETHRWorld to bolster the collective vision of creating a healthier and happier workplace

Jan 24, 2023 13:01 IST 
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Economic Times HRWorld, India's preferred news destination for HR updates, in partnership with FITPASS, India’s largest exclusive universal fitness and wellness membership for corporates, is all set to organize the third edition of India’s leading HR Tech conference-Nextech India HR summit, on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2023. This time, embellished with the pertinent theme of ‘Putting Innovation In Action’, the summit shall inspire business leaders and stakeholders to focus on re-establishing the overall impact of workplace innovation on their most important asset, their employees as well as their respective organizations.

Economic Times HRWorld and FITPASS organize the Nextech India HR summit, on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2023

In the last few years, the enormous impact of innovative digital technology has been evident in all dimensions of the business ecosystem. From human resource management to strategic management, and from research & development to employee fitness and well-being, technology has engendered the most effective, path-breaking, and future-ready solutions for all business Verticals, both for the human being and for the function they perform in their organisation. FITPASS & ETHRWorld Nextech India HR summit 2023 aim to highlight how the confluence of innovation and technology is reshaping the future of people-at-work and work.


Today, organizations across the globe find themselves at the crossroads of the next big technology disruption. Emergent technologies are continuously prompting business leaders to rethink their workplace dynamics. In the midst of this paradigm shift, the corporate needle is pointing to hybrid work, increased focus on employees’ physical fitness and emotional well-being and organizations across the globe have no choice but to go with the flow. The agenda of Nextech 2023 is to cast light on the potential of emerging technologies to amend the social and economic scenario of the world,” says Amit Kumar Gupta, Business Head, ET Business Verticals.    


Additionally, Nextech 2023 shall call attention to the role of innovative technology in accelerating employee fitness, health and well-being at the workplace. Since the pandemic, employees and employers alike have started duly prioritising personal fitness and self-care as a pre-requisite for performance and collective productivity.

The FITPASS & ETHRWorld Nextech India HR Summit in 2023 will place a major emphasis on exploring all the potential value additions that technology can bring to transform conventional corporate wellness programmes, which are primarily focused on use cases pertaining to illness and hospitalisation cover, into inclusive wellness programmes that can provide a more proactive and holistic approach to keeping employees fit and healthy by allowing each one to tailor his or her own fitness, nutrition, and health coaching journeys. A study by Harvard Business Review clearly evidences that, the corporate programs that provide fitness and well-being benefits are proven to generate up to 6 times financial savings for the corporate over a three-year period (source: Harvard Business Review).


Sharing opinion on the state of workforce health and fitness, the Co-founder of FITPASS, Akshay Verma says, “Sitting is the new smoking! With an average age of 29 years, India is home to the world’s youngest workforce that prioritize their fitness and wellbeing and do not wish to fall prey to preventable lifestyle diseases commonly associated with sedentary jobs or the corporate rat race. In line with global peers, it is imperative for Corporate India to recognise and appreciate the needs of their workforce and prioritize fitness and wellness programs that enable their colleagues to lead fitter and healthier lives. A study by BCG also states that, out of the total working population, 67% of employees describe access to a well-defined wellness program as a key deciding factor in pursuing a job opportunity while 89% of employees want direct assurance that their company values their wellbeing. To meet the increasing demand of the employees, the corporate culture has undergone tremendous changes while adapting various fitness and wellness programs. FITPASS offers a 360-degree fitness and wellness solution, that can be easily plugged into any HRMS being used by organizations, and is uniquely designed to help HR to ignite, fuel, and personalizes each employee's journey to feel good and be physically fit through unparalleled access to fitness, wellness and care services.”


Through a comprehensive and insightful array of case studies and discussions, the summit will dive deep into the intricacies of deploying health & wellness benefits for next-gen employees and deliberate on how organizations can leverage technology to create a scalable, sustainable, flexible and personalized ecosystem of fitness, health and well-being benefits that can cater to the distinct and peculiar needs of today’s multi-generational workforce.


In this edition, FITPASS & ETHRWorld Nextech India HR Summit 2023 will feature an array of celebrated international and domestic business heads, HR thought leaders and domain experts who will share their insightful outlooks on the latest trends and developments surrounding the HR & Technology space. With over 60+ speakers and 30+ synergetic learning sessions, the conference will create a special platform for more than 1200 delegates from across India to network, mingle and learn from the best.

With over 20+ partners including Presenting Partner FITPASS, Powered By Partner Slack & Skillsoft, In Association with Partners Indeed & Advantage Club, and an extensive line of other valued partners in different categories, #ETHRNextech will challenge the conventional mindset and invite participants to rethink tech & talent management for the future.


Apart from a plethora of insightful learning sessions, the two-day conference comprises a myriad of other engaging events such as - FITPASS & ETHRWorld Nextech 2023 Startup Zone, wherein innovative solutions devised by India’s most progressive HR and workplace technology startups will be celebrated; An exclusive CHRO forum-Leaders League, that will encourage deeper conversations among like-minded members of the fraternity on the latest trends stirring the HR ecosystem; And the second edition of ET HC Awards, which aspires to acknowledge the pivotal role played by HR leaders in navigating their organizations through the tumultuous pandemic era. The two-day conference will not only include a profusion of interesting learning sessions, but also a variety of other engaging events, such as an exclusive keynote address by a world-renowned spiritual leader that will rekindle the spirits of all in attendance.

Economic Times HRWorld and FITPASS organize the Nextech India HR summit, on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2023
Economic Times HRWorld and FITPASS organize the Nextech India HR summit, on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2023
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