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FASTagPro: A One-stop Solution to your FASTag Recharge Woes

Dec 20, 2021 12:29 IST 
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

With over 300 million vehicles on the roads, India is moving faster day by day & is recovering from the pandemic gradually. With the launch of FASTag, the waiting time at Toll Plazas has reduced significantly, resulting in an enhanced user experience - which saves time, and cuts fuel costs too.


FASTagPro is helping vehicles to zip through toll plazas with their 2 minute FASTag recharge process


FASTag, is an electronic toll collection system jointly managed by the NHAI & the NPCI. FASTag works on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology & is a credit-card sized sticker, pasted on the windscreen of the vehicle so that the sensors can read it for toll payments, and you can cross the toll plazas without stopping. Toll is automatically deducted from the FASTag account & you receive an SMS alert for each transaction.


Vinay Modi


But when it comes to recharging the FASTag, customer experience has not been very good. Lack of knowledge on how to recharge the FASTag, is one of the biggest hindrances. Payment of double tolls, FASTag blacklisting, unnecessary loss of time, etc. are common issues faced by users with low FASTag balance. In addition to this, fraudsters exploiting users in such situations add to the problems. Although there are several providers who provide FASTag recharge services, many of them do not facilitate recharging all FASTags. Most of them require users to login and provide either the TAG Id or the Wallet Id - which becomes hard to remember when one is on the move. Sometimes non-responsive online payments can create a great disturbance in an emergency.


SevenM Technologies Private Limited, an EdTech/FinTech startup from Kolkata, has launched FASTagPro, which is an easy access FASTag recharging portal and a one stop solution to any bank FASTag recharge. FASTagPro helps you to recharge any FASTag without logging in. It helps you recharge your FASTag in just under two minutes. You can add balance to you FASTag even if you are a few kilometers away from a Toll Plaza with FASTagPro. There is no need for a minimum balance in your wallet to use FASTagPro. FASTagPro enables you to make the process faster. It supports all methods of payment systems. It also eliminates the hustle of remembering the details of your FASTag account. You just need to provide your Vehicle Number and your mobile number and FASTagPro will do the rest. FASTagPro does not store your OTPs, Bank accounts or card details. It does not call to ask for any such details either. This makes FASTagPro experience very user-friendly & safe. FASTagPro has already garnered the attention of over 6 lakh FASTag users. So, enjoy the journey on the go with FASTagPro.


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About SevenM Technologies Private Limited

We are an EdTech/FinTech startup from Kolkata, India & have grown good since our inception. We are a team of young people, committed to building customer-centric and affordable products. Our offerings include solutions for sectors like Education, Hospitality & Finance respectively. The company also provides solutions for other verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, and Health care. We operate majorly in the domestic market along with customers from abroad, including Africa, Singapore, and UAE.


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FASTagPro is helping vehicles to zip through toll plazas with their 2 minute FASTag recharge process
FASTagPro is helping vehicles to zip through toll plazas with their 2 minute FASTag recharge process
Vinay Modi
Vinay Modi
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