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FYERS - the Technology Focused Stock Broking Firm Launches School of Stocks for Traders

The platform will help in educating readers on the Indian capital markets, trading & investments

Apr 24, 2019   13:27 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The technology focused stock broking firm FYERS launches School of Stocks for Readers. The platform will help in educating readers on the Indian capital markets, trading & investments. It’s an education platform which is available for free and will be regularly updated with fresh content to help people constantly learn and explore the capital markets.


The platform is committed to help increase the knowledge about trading & investments and the goal is to help people understand all the important concepts from ground-up. The material is structured in modules and chapters. One can get a brief understanding of what you’re going to learn beforehand by reading the description mentioned in the table of contents. While reading, if you want to bookmark or mark a reference to any particular section on School Of Stocks, click on any lesson, paragraph or sub-heading to generate a unique URL (link).


The idea of this platform is to simplify what is perceived as a very complicated subject. If you want to discuss or clarify any topics, you can always interact with the team in the comments section of the relevant modules.


Launching this initiative for traders, Mr. Tejas Khoday, Co-founder & CEO, FYERS said, We are passionate about this endeavor as this will help increase financial literacy with a focus on educating readers on the Indian capital markets, trading & investments."



FYERS is India’s leading fintech stock broking firm and it is known for its superior trading platforms. The company is primarily focused on solving the problems faced by traders & amp; investors in India with their platform centric approach. Their business model is fully online where anyone can open an account for free and get started without paying any fixed charges. Unlike any other stockbrokers in India which outsource their technology to third party software vendors, FYERS builds their trading platforms in-house. One of their signature platforms, Thematic investing is a menu-driven investing platform which makes it easy for millennial to invest their savings in an efficient & amp; hassle-free way.


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