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Get It Made Delights Customers, Achieves 250 percent Increase in Efficiency with Hiver

Hiver’s automations have helped Get It Made streamline email workflows and improve collaboration, saving them 53 hours every month

Dec 22, 2021 12:53 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Get It Made, a manufacturing-as-a-service company, started using Hiver – the world’s first helpdesk designed for Google Workspace. With Hiver, the team significantly streamlined their workflows and improved efficiency, resulting in a 25% increase in response times.


At Get It Made, most of the manufacturing projects are elaborate and require ongoing, personalized interactions with customers before their production can begin. They need a system that allows them to work quickly and efficiently, so they can ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Earlier, the team used to work out of a single Gmail account to manage all official communication with customers. However, as their business grew, they realized this was getting chaotic. They were missing out on important emails, duplicating efforts, and didn’t have a system to keep track of each other’s tasks.


With Hiver, email management became more organized and structured. Hiver’s Automations streamlined the process of assigning incoming quotes and queries to different team members and helped them overcome the accountability issues they used to face earlier. Now, the entire team has access to important data and can keep track of critical project details like customer information and pricing strategies, saving them 53 hours every month.


Since implementing Hiver, Get It Made has seen a 250% increase in efficiency, and has consistently delivered great customer experiences. Hiver’s shared inbox allows the team to respond to customers within minutes, whereas it usually takes days, sometimes weeks for their competitors to get back to clients.


Fin Brown, Project Manager, Get It Made, said, “The UK manufacturing industry can sometimes have a reputation for being slow and difficult to communicate with. Hiver has allowed us to break this stereotype and customers have described us as a ‘breath of fresh air’ with our excellent customer service. Our clients often tell us that they choose us over our competitors due to our speed and quality of communication. We could not achieve this without Hiver.”


Niraj Ranjan Rout, Co-founder and CEO of Hiver, said, “In the manufacturing industry, response times can make or break a business – they’re key to garnering lasting partner relationships and goodwill. We’re glad that Hiver has helped Get It Made streamline processes and establish clear accountability and visibility into their team's workflow, thus helping them resolve customer requests remarkably faster."


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Hiver is a Gmail-based customer service solution that helps teams across the organization collaborate on shared inboxes like services@, orders@, support@.


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