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Global Investor and Accelerator, GDA International Partners with ReelStar for Global Distribution, Platform Expansion and Rollout of the REELT Utility Token

ReelStar will leverage GDA International’s years of experience as a leader in digital asset strategy and tokenization to bring the multi-blockchain platform to a global user base

Dec 12, 2022 15:25 IST 
Mumbai | Delhi, India

GDA International (formerly known as Assets International), a vertically integrated financial technology and digital asset capital market advisory company, has partnered with India’s latest Web3 integrated platform, ReelStar as the strategy lead for the rollout of the REELT utility token and to bring ReelStar’s wide range of Web3 offerings and functionalities to users around the world. ReelStar has recently raised USD 5 mn from the Initial Token Offering (ITO) of its token, REELT.

ReelStar is an ‘everything app’ with integrated multiple social media, Web3, and payment functionalities. It features in-app tailor-made NFT creation features, Smart Contract customisation, and an NFT Marketplace in an easy-to-use Android and/or iOS environment. ReelStar’s platform and ecosystem reimagines how artists, creators, and fans will engage, collaborate, and jointly benefit in the growing media and entertainment industry. This includes redesigning everything from special effects and payments to marketing and infrastructure for a decentralized, blockchain-based Web3 world.

This partnership with GDA International will allow ReelStar to leverage its existing community and network in the crypto and blockchain community to reach out to a larger audience for the app.

According to ReelStar Co-founder Navdeep Sharma, “ReelStar allows anyone to safely and securely hold REELT, exchange it for fiat or other cryptocurrencies, and use it for goods and services within the ReelStar ecosystem. REELT is the underpinned utility token that powers our revolutionary vision to globally democratize access to Web3, metaverse, and future technologies-all from within a single, integrated, and cohesive app. We are thrilled to partner with GDA International for strategic guidance and assistance in bringing this vision to life and connecting to millions of users around the world and driving the next wave of crypto adoption. This partnership will assist ReelStar with planning, funding life cycles, and further project development in the Indian market that has a forward-looking progressive approach towards adopting blockchain."

Michael Gord, the CEO of the GDA Group of Companies, also commented on this partnership by saying, “At GDA International, we provide institutions with exposure to its premier global ecosystem of cutting-edge blockchain technology companies and advisory services that help them navigate the digital asset landscape. ReelStar has a strong focus on community and exceptional user experiences, and the project leadership team is a seasoned group of industry leaders with deep expertise in the cryptocurrency industry. Built from the ground up to power a new generation of decentralized, blockchain-based crypto opportunities, ReelStar makes it possible for those with no technical or financial knowledge to benefit from the vast earning opportunities within the ReelStar app. We are proud to partner with this project and look forward to making the team’s vision of a seamless Web3 “everything” app a reality.”

This news comes soon after ReelStar’s announcement of its upcoming Initial Token Offering (ITO) of 15 billion tokens, as well as public disclosure of the platform’s use of smart contract functionality on the Polygon (MATIC) and Binance platforms so that highly customizable, cross-chain functionalities can be built by developers and partners for use within the app.

ReelStar will also be the main sponsor of the Indian Sneaker Festival happening in December 2022, it is also the principal sponsor for the Delhi Bulls cricket team. It is also the title sponsor for Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa’s The Unity Tour in Australia. 

About ReelStar
ReelStar is India’s latest Web3 integrated social media platform, created with a revolutionary vision to globally democratize access to Web3, metaverse, and future technologies. The company’s goal is to bring the ‘everything app’ - a functional, easy-to-use, private, and secure social media, video streaming, messaging and payments platform that is the bridge to the Web3 Metaverse beginning with our NFT minting and open NFT market place/platform. Indian, born and raised, serial entrepreneurs, Navdeep Sharma and Nick Bahl, now based in Australia are the co-founders of this breakthrough app. The entire ReelStar ecosystem is powered and enabled by the blockchain utility token, ReelToken (REELT).




About GDA International

GDA International provides digital asset companies with access to growth capital, as well as capital markets advisory services that help stakeholders navigate the digital asset landscape. The GDA International executive team has the experience that spans the entire blockchain industry including venture capital, private equity, trading, token economics, token development, and multinational enterprise to digital asset partnerships.

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