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Governance Now's New Chapter 'Checks and Balances'

Mar 23, 2022 14:38 IST 
Delhi, India

The debut of 'Checks & Balances' has been announced by Governance Now, a platform for public policy and governance analysis from the Sri Adhikari Brothers (SABGROUP).


The program's goal is to bring up issues relating to governance, such as unfinished projects, unmet pledges, or concerns about the country's wellbeing. The program's goal is to bring attention to governance challenges and ensure that everyone gets their due. Each episode will focus on a distinct aspect of governance across all institutions and procedures that are critical to India's public life.


We shall discuss India's armed force in the first edition of this program. On the one hand, India's military capabilities have been bolstered by the addition of aircraft such as the Rafale to the Indian Air Force's fleet, while on the other hand, questions have been raised about the capability of obsolete fighters such as the MiG-21. Why isn't the Indian Air Force getting rid of the (in) famous planes? Although the aircraft serves as the force's backbone in some aspects, it is also prone to accidents.


Former Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa, spoke on the show about his thoughts on the matter. 


Air Marshal Navkaran Jeet Singh Dhillon, who led a MiG-21 squadron from 2000 to 2002, is one of the panelists in the first episode. He served in a number of high-ranking capacities before retiring as the SFC's Commander in Chief. Air Marshal SK Ghotia, the South Western Air Commander's Commander in Chief, retired. He was a 40-year veteran of the IAF who led a MiG-21 squadron. Wing Commander Rajiv Battish, a MiG-21 Squadron pilot, will also be appearing on the show.


Shweta Ranjan, who has more than 18 years of experience in the realm of journalism across digital and print media, will present Checks & Balances.


Mr. Markand Adhikari - Chairman of Governance now and SABGROUP stated, “Our aim is to bridge the gap between Government and Governance. Governance now is a public policy platform that always raises the issues in the public domain.”

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