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HDFC Life's Latest Campaign #InsureKareinBinaDelay is a Reminder to Secure your Life

May 05, 2023 16:01 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

HDFC Life, one of India’s leading life insurers, has always focused on driving awareness about life insurance as a product category. HDFC Life’s campaigns are largely insight-driven, aimed at addressing the need for better understanding of life insurance.


Vishal Subharwal, Chief Marketing Officer & Group Head - Strategy, HDFC Life


Through its latest campaign, #InsureKareinBinaDelay, HDFC Life endeavours to educate consumers on the critical role that life insurance plays in securing a family’s dreams and their financial future. In a way, this campaign works as a reminder to buy life insurance before it is too late. 


The ad film 'Patri' is about a young, married couple on their first train-trip together, where they meet a co-passenger, a lady in her early fifties, whose story inspires them to prioritise purchasing life insurance. Watch the ‘Patri’ film, here.


Further, the film also serves as a connection between the present and an older campaign film by HDFC Life, 'Har Sapne Ka Aadha Hissa,' where the co-passenger from the current film is seen as the protagonist who succeeds in fulfilling her daughter's aspiration of becoming a pilot using HDFC Life YoungStar Udaan Insurance plan. Watch the older film, here.


Speaking on the campaign, Vishal Subharwal, Chief Marketing Officer & Group Head - Strategy, HDFC Life, said, “#InsureKareinBinaDelay is a wake-up call for every individual with responsibilities. Most of us have a bucket list. However, we often do not realise that to fulfil those dreams, we need to be financially secure and so does our family. India has a huge protection gap of over 83%. This basically means that in case something was to happen to the breadwinner, most families would not be able to continue with their aspirations.


Through this film, we want to give a reality check to consumers. It is a reminder to prioritise life insurance. This film is part of the HDFC Life Universe where the protagonist narrates her life experiences (this actually links back to our old campaign) and through her story, she inspires a young, newly-married couple to purchase life insurance early so they can go about fulfilling their dreams, with complete peace of mind.”


Speaking on the concept of the film, Manesh Swamy, Chief Creative Officer (CCO) & Senior Vice President - Creative, Social Media & Design, LS Digital, said, "The inspiration for our story came from a customer testimonial that deeply moved us. We realised that this story had the potential to make a significant impact in the lives of our consumers. Our goal was to inspire, educate, and motivate them to take action now to secure the future of their loved ones. In creating the Patri campaign, we built upon the foundation of our previous campaign, weaving in breadcrumbs that led to our protagonist's journey. We've created our own universe within this story, and we're optimistic that this short film will effectively convey the message of the importance of securing one's future in a timely manner."


In conclusion, 'Patri' is a poignant tale of life's uncertainties and the importance of life insurance in securing our future. HDFC Life believes that this film will inspire people to act and prioritise life insurance in their financial planning.


About HDFC Life

HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited ('HDFC Life' / ‘Company’) is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd., India’s leading housing finance institution and abrdn (Mauritius Holdings) 2006 Limited, a global investment company.


Established in 2000, HDFC Life is a leading, listed, long-term life insurance solutions provider in India, offering a range of individual and group insurance solutions that meet various customer needs such as Protection, Pension, Savings, Investment, Annuity and Health. The Company has more than 60 products (including individual and group products) and optional riders in its portfolio, catering to a diverse range of customer needs.


HDFC Life continues to benefit from its increased presence across the country, having a wide reach with branches and additional distribution touch-points through several new tie-ups and partnerships. The count of distribution partnerships is over 300, comprising banks, NBFCs, MFIs, SFBs, brokers, new ecosystem partners amongst others. The Company has a strong base of financial consultants. 


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Vishal Subharwal, Chief Marketing Officer & Group Head - Strategy, HDFC Life
Vishal Subharwal, Chief Marketing Officer & Group Head - Strategy, HDFC Life
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