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Help Transform the Food Chain, Gift a Cruelty Free World to Our Future Generation this World Food Day

Oct 15, 2022 13:54 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

On the occasion of the World Food Day, World Animal Protection urges its supporters, stakeholders and partners to join their movement to transform the food systems that fuels animal abuse and is one of the top four contributors to the current public health concerns and animal cruelty.


Make the world less cruel for animals


Marking the day, we bring back the focus and need to reflect on our food systems to ensure better health. Our recent report The Pecking Order 2022 released globally, reflects the need for improvement by the companies towards better welfare of animals within their supply chains which requires immediate attention. There is an urgent need for corporates to come forward and take responsive action to help curb animal suffering and cruelty and ensure their contribution by offering high welfare options for a sustainable future.


Our work is focused on two primary goals, transforming the global food system and stopping the exploitation of wild animals. We aim to end the biggest causes of animal suffering, taking billions of animals out of a cruel cycle of abuse, changing the way the world works, to end animal cruelty and suffering.


“We work closely with the government and respective authorities to improve and strengthen regulations to protect animal welfare, reduced use of antibiotics, safe environments and better production systems. We influence institutions/corporates to adopt to sustainable and healthier farming practices to ensure better food products for consumers and a life worth living for animals,” said Gajender. K. Sharma, Country Director, World Animal Protection India.


We aspire for a compassionate world for animals and nature, which is equitable, sustainable, resilient and capable of feeding the world. Shifting to more sustainable, lasting solutions we advocate for balanced diet and shift to plant-based food as a probable solution.


“To complement our efforts, we parallelly work towards building public awareness on antimicrobial resistance, pandemic risks and advocate for a balanced or plant-based diet. We believe by increasing demand for plant-based food we can reduce reliance on farmed animals and also offer this as a healthier solution to fight emerging health challenges,” added Gajender. K. Sharma, Country Director, World Animal Protection India.


To ensure a world that is cruelty free for animals, safe for future generation and sustainable, adapt to plant-based food and balanced diet to help transform the food chain that creates demand and market for supply. Adapting to healthier option and plant-based food is the most probable solution to address intensive farming fueling animal abuse.


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Make the world less cruel for animals
Make the world less cruel for animals
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