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iEnergizer Awarded for Best Global Business Process Outsourcing Company 2021 by the AsiaPac Insider, London

Dec 28, 2021 11:30 IST 
United Kingdom

We’re delighted to announce that AP Insider Business Award has awarded iEnergizer for Best Global Business Process Outsourcing Company 2021. These business awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the outsourcing sector and judged by the panel of carefully selected industry specialists.


The AP Insider Business Award recognises the Global Business Process Outsourcing Company that has most consistently provided exceptional services to their customers throughout the past 12 months. We’re thrilled to have been awarded, in a year when we’ve enjoyed some incredible recognition of our work from the sector.

In August, we received the Excellence in Outsourcing at the 7th National Award by World HRD Congress, and this was followed by the BPO Organization of the Year at the Asia’s Employer Brand.

Leadership Team @ iEnergizer BPO


Adarsh Kumar, MD & COO of iEnergizer, commented, “The biggest challenge for our business this year has been adjusting to huge changes in the market. We’ve swung from the supply-rich environment we saw at the height of furlough, to a landscape of acute talent scarcity and supply chain crises. Throughout all this, our people kept the customer experience at the heart of their decision-making, acting quickly to ensure nobody was disadvantaged by the shift to remote processes - and keeping that all-important human touch despite a reliance on software and screens. I’m so pleased for, and proud of, the team for this recognition, this is a fantastic achievement for all at iEnergizer.


AsiaPac Insider, United Kingdom, 2021 – APAC Insider Magazine has announced the winners of the 2021 APAC Business Awards programme.


APAC Insider is hosting the Business Awards programme for its consecutive year and takes great pride in awarding businesses from all industries, big or small, new start-ups or established across the APAC region. Many industries and economies within the APAC region have suffered greatly at the hands of Covid-19 but businesses have shown determination and have worked hard to make sure that their customers and clients do not have to suffer as a result.


Our Business Awards programmes is designed to acknowledge the achievements of businesses covering the APAC region and have demonstrated a sense resilience and have persevered to reach new heights of success despite the troublesome times.


Following on form the announcement of the winners, our Awards Coordinator, Katherine Benton has commented, “It was an absolute pleasure hosting the Business Awards this year and I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to all of the winners who have been recognised by APAC Insider. I wish all the winners all the best for the new year!”


To find out more about these prestigious awards, and the dedicated professionals selected for them, please visit where you can view our winners supplement and full winners list.


About iEnergizer

iEnergizer has significant experience in providing world-class omnichannel customer service as well as technical support services to Fortune 500 partners who are working to disrupt their respective industries.  We have over 20 years of experience, integrated into our contact center services that support the entire customer lifecycle. Out highly trained 20000 plus resource, spread over 8 delivery centers, provide services to over 70 partners in various business verticals. By combining high quality people with state-of-the-art technology and proven business methodologies, iEnergizer collaborates with partners to help them excel in their respective industries, while maximizing their customers’ lifetime value.


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Leadership Team @ iEnergizer BPO
Leadership Team @ iEnergizer BPO
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