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Indian Alcoholic Beverages Market Outlook to 2020 – Inflating Demand for IMFL and Beer from Youth and Women Segments

Aug 05, 2015   09:30 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Indian alcoholic beverages market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.1% during FY’2015-FY’2020

  • Future Growth of India alcohol beverages market is expected to be driven by expanding reach of market players and increase in variants in alcohol.

  • Future market is expected to rise in IMFL and Beer segments.

Ken Research announced its latest publication on “India Alcoholic Beverages Market Outlook to 2020 – Inflating Demand for IMFL and Beer from Youth and Women Segments” provides a comprehensive analysis on Indian Alcoholic beverages market and covers specific insights on the market size of Country liquor, beer, IMFL (whisky, rum, brandy, vodka, gin) and Wine on the basis of consumption, per capita consumption, in terms of value and volume. The report also entails market segmentation by state and gender, competitive landscape, company profiles of the major players operating in the country, government regulations, recent trends and developments and future outlook of the Indian alcohol beverage market.

India is considered as a lucrative and majorly unexplored destination for alcoholic drinks by several international companies operating in saturated alcoholic beverages markets of Europe and the US. India's alcoholic beverage market has grown steadily in the last 5 years.

Country Liquor is the second most consumed alcoholic beverage in India and has a commanding presence in the northern states of India. However, the scenario is changing and a decline in the market share of Country Liquor has been noticed.

IMFL is the largest segment in the Indian alcoholic beverage industry. This market has been further bifurcated into Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Vodka and Gin. This industry has grown at an overall steady pace triggered by increasing population and disposable income, and also the fact that it is increasingly gaining social acceptance.

Beer is a rapidly expanding segment in the Indian alcoholic beverages industry. It is the third largest market and second fastest growing market in the Indian alcoholic beverages industry. Beer market has been segmented into strong beer and mild beer on the basis of their alcohol content. Strong beer which has alcohol content more than 5%, dominates the Indian market stating its popularity and preference.

Vodka is the fastest growing IMFL segment in India. It has growth is rapidly increasing due to increase in pubs, hotels, restaurants, evolving nightlife and consumer preferences.

Wine industry in India is just in its birth stage mainly in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have the maximum share of wine consumers. Imported wines consumption is expected to grow in near future. Most of the International Wine imports are from South Korea, China and France

Indian alcoholic beverages market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with several yet to be explored segments. With compelling business potential and economies of scale poised by the market, it is expected that several international players will expand their operations into the Indian alcoholic drinks market in the coming years”, according to the research analyst, Ken Research.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • The market size of Indian alcoholic beverage industry on the basis of consumption and per capita consumption

  • Market segmentation by

  • country liquor

  • IMFL (Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Brandy and Gin)

  • Beer

  • wine

  • Government regulations affecting the alcoholic beverage and its segments

  • Recent trends and developments in the industry and in its segments

  • Competitive landscape of the various players operating in the country in beer, wine and IMFL market

  • Company profiles of leading players in IMFL, beer and wine market

  • Future outlook on the basis of coefficients using a regression model an correlation matrix on alcoholic beverages, wine, beer, IMFL (Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Brandy and Gin) and country liquor consumption and per capita consumption in India, from 2015-2020 

  • SWOT analysis of the Indian alcoholic beverage market

  • Porter’s five force analysis of the Indian alcoholic beverage market

  • Macro-economic indicators                                                                                                                                                                                                                              








Products Mentioned in this Report:

  • Beer (Strong, Lager Beer)

  • IMFL (whisky, rum, brandy, vodka, gin, Champagne)

  • Wine (Red, White, Sparkling Wine)

  • Country Liquor





Companies covered in the Report:

United breweries Ltd. (UBL)


Radico Khaitan

United Spirits Ltd.

Pernod Ricard

Allied Blenders & Distillers

John Distilleries

Tilaknagar Industries Ltd

Chateau Indage

Sula Vineyards

Grover Vineyards


Vintage Wines

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