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International Freelance Writers are Available Now at to Satisfy All Content Requirements

Copywriters from around the world can offer their content writing services at Contentmart

Oct 19, 2016   11:00 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

The team at Contentmart is proud to announce that they are now accepting international copywriters and editors who are interested in making money while offering freelance work.


When it comes to the importance of fresh content, serious companies understand that having fresh copy on their website and other marketing materials matters. In the digital age, consumers want to see engaging, new content that appeals to them, and copywriters offer the ideal solution for companies who can’t afford to produce in-house content. When clients order content from a Contentmart copywriter, they can rest assured they are receiving top-notch copy from a professional writer.


In addition, clients who need to have their content professionally edited can enjoy services offered by Contentmart’s extensive network of freelancers.


Currently, Contentmart is home to more than 50,000+ clients, 50000+ copywriters and editors who collaborate to produce content. Buyers from around the world flock to Contentmart’s platform to leverage instant access to writers and editors.


Contentmart is thrilled to welcome prospective copywriters and editors. To be considered as a Contentmart provider, copywriters and editors are required to pass three different levels of English tests. Also, any content delivered must pass plagiarism checks before being passed along to the client. Writers can also enhance their profile by earning a “Verified by Contentmart” tag.


This tag comes with many perks. For instance, verified writers and editors receive high value orders. Bids placed by verified writers appear higher in listings, making them more visible to clients. In addition, verified writers and editors are recommended to clients by Contentmart.


“Writers and editors from all across the globe can now contribute and earn money at Contentmart,” said by Rahul Setia, Digital Marketing Head.



International Writers available at Contentmart


The platform offers a built-in messenger that allows clients and writers ease of communication and writers have a chance to ask questions about order requirements before accepting jobs, as well as throughout the duration of their projects.


Unlike other platforms for freelance writers, the Contentmart marketplace doesn’t charge sellers for their membership. Instead, sellers are charged a 10% commission on their earnings. This cost includes marketing that would otherwise consume both time and finances. When writers and editors join Contentmart, they can enjoy a steady stream of work that increases based upon their professionalism and performance.


As writers earn money at Contentmart, their balance increases and once they’ve earned at least $50, they can easily withdraw their earnings via PayPal.


Contentmart encourages copywriters who specialize in articles, blog posts, press releases, web content, case studies, and other content to visit their website, learn more, and apply to become a Contentmart seller. Contentmart is excited to offer qualified writers from around the world to their valued clients.


About Contentmart

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International Writers available at Contentmart
International Writers available at Contentmart
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