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Jeffry Dsouza Founder of True Ink Studio Says Finger Tattoos Fade Eventually

Jan 30, 2023 16:18 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Tattoos have a huge rage and the craze is perpetually only increasing. While the recent trend has shifted from body to finger tattoos. People are going gaga over it because they’re little, and looks pretty cool too. Ditching rings, people opt for these tattoos. Now, popular tattoo artist Jeffry Dsouza has made some crazy revelations about these tattoos. Jeffry has been in this business for a long time and knows his art well. Founder of True Ink Studio, Jeffry believes in connecting with his clients, so their experience is smooth and fun. His motto is client satisfaction, and long-term association with the artwork.


Jeffry Dsouza Founder of True Ink Studio


Jeffry Dsouza says, “Even though ring tattoos are currently in vogue and seems affordable, they are in fact expensive in long run. Finger tattoos fade eventually and no usual tattoo artist will tell you this. Since they’re little it’s mandatory to brush them up every few months, which will again cost you money. Long run not so cost effective… Though they’re very stylish and classy!


Talking of Jeffry’s journey, it started with hand poke tattoos because he couldn’t afford tattoo machines. He always had a liking towards tattoos and got intrigued by the artistic side of it and later developed a connection with tattooing once he began hand poking on himself. What he admires is the process of creating something permanently and the trust that the other people put in him is fulfilling. His initial days were creating tattoos for friends and acquaintances and steadily expanded into a business which is True Ink Studio today. He narrated how he’s gone through ups and down in this journey, but firmly believes that truth prevails.


True Ink Studio as a brand believes in having a connection with every client so their experience is smooth, fun, and most importantly based on facts. "When a client comes with a particular project for us, we focus on delivering what they want but also believe it’s important to lead them the right way. It’s vital for us that the client is happy and stays happy with the artwork for a very long time."


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Jeffry Dsouza Founder of True Ink Studio
Jeffry Dsouza Founder of True Ink Studio
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