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Jungle Camps India Unveils its New Logo Highlighting 'Earth First, Community First' Ethos

May 03, 2024 16:37 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Jungle Camps India, a distinguished collection of award-winning wildlife and conservation-focused lodges spread across central India introduces a new logo. An extension of the brand’s vision towards offering the best-in-class sustainable jungle stay experience to guests, the new logo of Jungle Camps India symbolizes the brand’s commitment to preserve nature while bringing people closer to wilderness. Jungle Camps India has luxury lodges in Kanha, Pench, Tadoba and Rukhad.


The new logo is thought-provoking besides being aesthetically appealing. The simple yet unmistakable arc of a camping tent crowned by two leaves, set in the motif of indigenous designs, forms the perfect visual identity of Jungle Camps India. Set amidst nature with the least footprint, the camps are a haven for nature immersions. The indigenous motif used in the logo speaks of social inclusion with most of the staff members hailing from local communities, mostly indigenous tribes - trained and upskilled to be at par with industry standards. The clear fonts - Josefin Sans and Muller, lend itself to the simple yet clear vision of being the best wilderness and safari experience provider in India. The palette is inspired by the earthy hues of the forest, while the black is inspired by the dense Sal wood forests of Kanha, the orange by the hide of the tiger, and the gold from the ubiquitous bamboo of Tadoba. This design choice of the Logo emphasizes Jungle Camps India’s ethos of being Earth First, Community First. It very strongly symbolizes the brand’s commitment to preserving the landscapes they operate in and supporting the communities that inhabit them.


Gajendra Singh Rathore, Founder Jungle Camps India said, “We are very excited with our new Logo which sends a strong message in favor of sustainable jungle stay. As Jungle Camps India embarks on a rebranding journey, our goal is to strengthen our connection with both nature and the communities we serve. The introduction of our new logo is a reflection of our evolving identity - a symbol that stands for sustainability, respect for local cultures, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. This rebranding is not just a visual change but a reaffirmation of our core values and the introduction of new principles that emphasize eco-friendly practices and community engagement. With this refreshed brand identity, we aim to position Jungle Camps India as a leader in responsible tourism, offering experiences that are authentic, respectful, and conscious of the impact they have on our planet and its people. “


Pooja Nataraj, Art Director and founder of PNJXN, the branding and marketing agency that conceptualized and designed the new logo said, “Our vision for the Jungle Camps India logo was to encapsulate the essence of exploration and tranquility that each destination offers. We integrated tribal motifs within the leaf elements of the logo to reflect a deep respect for both the local cultures and the natural environment. The two-tiered design approach allows us to highlight the distinctiveness of each location beneath the unifying banner of the Jungle Camps India brand, ensuring that each destination’s individuality is respected and celebrated while promoting a cohesive brand identity that values nature and community at its core.”


PNJXN believes in storytelling of brands, and in curating this new logo, the agency has paid attention to details from fonts to design elements and color choices, so that they all seamlessly merge with the brand’s ethos and vision. PNJXN focuses on experiential marketing and communications strategy, and creative solutions, particularly for niche brands that have a sustainable growth vision as well as pioneers in their industries. 


About Jungle Camps India
Established by Mr. Gajendra Singh Rathore in 2002, Jungle Camps India has today carved a special place for itself as a distinguished collection of award-winning wildlife and conservation-focused lodges. With a commitment to deliver exceptional hospitality and safari experiences, the brand has seamlessly integrated luxury with conservation principles and practices. Featuring four meticulously designed properties - Pench Jungle Camp, Kanha Jungle Camp, Tadoba Jungle Camp, and Rukhad Jungle Camp.


Headquartered in Delhi, Jungle Camps India aims to offer an authentic, responsible, and immersive jungle stay experience to its guests. The mission of Jungle Camps India is centered around providing authentic, responsible, and immersive experiences; showcasing the richness of Indian wildlife and hospitality. Each property is meticulously crafted to highlight the surrounding natural beauty, catering to travelers in search of extraordinary experiences in harmony with nature. The brand offers local and authentic experiences that go beyond just staying in a jungle camp- guests can go for local village visits, and nature walks with knowledgeable guides and also enjoy traditional cultural performances.

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