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Kaydence Media to Promote Benares Artist Punam Rai Globally

Nov 09, 2017   14:48 IST 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In an endeavor to promote Indian talent globally, Dubai - based Kaydence Media has signed up one of India’s talented and upcoming artist Punam Rai.


Artist Punam Rai


Speaking on the tie-up with Kaydence Media, Punam Rai expressed, “My life is a miracle. I am today living, moving and painting because of the blessings of God. I want my voice to be heard all over the world through my paintings. I am a victim of the evil of dowry and have lived for 15-years bed-ridden with no hope of survival. I found my strength, my voice and my life back in my art. I want to tell the world - do not let others paint your life, you are the artist of your life.”


Kaydence Media over the next two years have planned four exhibitions in India and Middle East to showcase the artworks of Punam Rai.


Commenting on the initiative Myrtle Rodrigues, CMO, Kaydence Media stated, “Punam Rai is an icon for all women not only in India but across the world. Life handed her a tragedy and she has overcome it with the beauty of art. We are humbled to represent her and her artwork in India and on a global stage. We believe that her artwork is exquisite, captivating and priceless. Her artwork can compete with the best artist in the world.


Punam Rai recently won the World Records India, Most Unique faces created in Canvas Record on 10th August 2017.

Artist Punam Rai
Artist Punam Rai
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