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Korea Published a Compendium with 39 K-CSR Stories Featuring Social Development Projects Implemented by 18 Korean Companies Based in India

Apr 20, 2023 18:10 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Korea published a compendium with 39 K-CSR featuring social development projects stories featuring a variety of social development projects implemented by 18 Korean companies based in India.


The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, along with its trade promotion agency KOTRA, has selected the K-CSR best practices worth sharing in the field of education, healthcare, women and child development, environment protection as well as disaster management.


Termed as K-CSR, some of these projects included the establishment of a technical skill academy, dream library, Taekwondo training, digital classroom, back-to-school program, hoping for the butterfly effect. Other projects relate to forest conservation as well as helping people overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. The total number of Korean companies operating business in India is currently 534. 


In this year of 2023, Korea and India are commemorating the 50th anniversary of Korea-India diplomatic relations. The publication of the K-CSR booklet is one of the year-long initiatives both nations are taking to further strengthen their bilateral ties.


The K-CSR booklet introduces Korean companies like POSCO, Samsung India, Kia India, Ceragem India, LG Electronics India, Hyundai Motor India, etc. that have been actively engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to give back to local communities where they operate. Korean companies have made a positive and constructive impact by providing critical services needed by local communities especially to underprivileged societies.


Korean companies are pleased to go with the spirit of CSR. India is not just an emerging market but a prospective global hub for manufacturing and export. Korea stands with India on the way ahead. In partnership with Korea, given its experience of industrial development and state-of-the-art technology, India could accelerate the realization of its economic potential. The G20 presidency assumed by India this year will also further strengthen its status and leadership in the global community.


As Korea and India mark 50 years of diplomatic ties, we expect our economic cooperation to go beyond trade and investment and develop into a number of different areas. The Korean Embassy will continue to support these CSR activities by Korean companies in the spirit of One earth, One family and One future while doing our best to develop comprehensive Korea-India relations to the next level,” said, H.E. Chang Jae-bok, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to India.

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