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Launchpad Organizes Fantastic Mr. Fox Theatre Show and a Fun Filled Carnival

Apr 17, 2018   16:53 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Amidst the lush green farms of Chattarpur, Launchpad lets you into a whole world of some crafty foxes with fun carnival vibes for kids and adults alike.


Children Performing Mr. Fantastic Fox Drama


A 45-minutes theatre adaptation of Fantastic Mr. Fox Theatre based on Roald Dahl’s children novel of the same name was produced by Launchpad, directed by celebrated theatre actor/director, Lushin Dubey and Bubbles Sabarwal for children aged between 3-13 years. The staging of the play was the culmination of a three-month workshop offered by Launchpad amongst a range of other after school programs they run. More than 1500 young families of Delhi and Gurgaon came with their children to enjoy the production and have a fun day out in the open with selected food from some the coolest food brand handpicked merchandize pop ups and specially designed games for real parent-child bonding.


Ms. Sugandh Jolly with Performing Kids


Ms. Sugandh Jolly, Founder of Launchpad says, “Role-playing in drama is found to have a direct bearing in the development of emotional quotient of the kids. The workshop is primarily aimed to provoke the participants to explore their inner world of creativity and shape a community of people who have shared visions. Secondly, it helps the children hone their creativity early in life. It is not only about having fun but also about learning and development. Along with bringing a smile on the kid’s face, we wanted them to skill up on what’s important in their life’s journey. Hence, we designed exclusive workshop like storytelling sessions for the kids to create awareness about various complications for a kid during growing age and to boost their confidence respectively.”


Families were there to cheer, support and witness their talented kids participating in the show with loved ones while educating and entertaining the budding curious minds about the classic Fantastic Mr. Fox Story. The enthusiasm of the little ones was infectious, and adults were delighted to be part of the event to cheer the hard work that had gone in for the for the last 3 months. The show encouraged the children to confident, learn the art of public speaking and learning the basic of theatre under the supervision of some of the best professionals in the country.


Launchpad also invited children from NGO - Amaraah Foundation and Spread a smile to be a part of the workshop. The main objective to invite kids from NGO is to spread happiness among all the sections of the society. We feel the need to pay back to the society and create an impact!  


On the sidelines of the show, a fun carnival was elegantly styled around the protagonists and the rest of the characters. One could feel the element of lifestyle and luxury added to the event in the most minimalistic fashion with handpicked pops ups, which were organized keep the adults entertained and engaged.


Launchpad hosts timely Speech and Drama workshops to provide children aged 3 to 13 years with an opportunity to enjoy speech and creative drama classes in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere. Launchpad works on a child's confidence, diction, clarity, vocabulary, voice projection, voice modulation, creativity, teamwork skills, individuality, imagination and social skills using varied theatre skills. Launchpad provides children to embark on a transformational journey through educative programs curated and organized by experts to help children realize their utmost potential in a nurturing environment.


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Children Performing Mr. Fantastic Fox Drama
Children Performing Mr. Fantastic Fox Drama
Ms. Sugandh Jolly with Performing Kids
Ms. Sugandh Jolly with Performing Kids
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