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Leaders in Heels and Sneakers Setting up Strong Business Foundation for Marwari Catalysts

Introducing the strength behind Marwari Catalysts

Jun 17, 2022 16:09 IST 
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
  • India’s startup ecosystem enabler, Marwari Catalysts is not only a promoter of entrepreneurs but also a promoter of intrapreneurs within the organisation.

  • MCats is a family of more than 60% women workforce on board.

  • The major functional areas of MCats be it strategy, digital marketing, finance, operations are led by women.

  • Recognising the need for women to become equal participants in the startup ecosystem, MCats have 35% of its portfolio startups led by women Co-founders.

Being an accelerator, Marwari Catalysts has always been committed to providing significant opportunities for women to start and grow their businesses but very few are aware that the accelerator has also played a crucial role in redefining the future by building a work culture that embraces women, encourages them and grooms them to become future leaders.

Pillars behind Marwari Catalysts

Marwari Catalysts recognises the need for women to become equal participants in the workforce and breaks the gender ceiling by giving precedence to women.

Collars in pink have set up a strong business foundation for Marwari Catalysts. As a result, MCats is a family of more than 60% of the workforce that have women on board and 35% portfolio startups led by women co-founders.


The accelerator ensures that women feel empowered at work by equipping them with the tools and opportunities to pursue and secure the senior leadership roles they so rightly deserve.

“A woman first is becoming a reality nowadays instead of fictional words. This era belongs to women, as they hold up half the sky.”

The corridors of power at Marwari Catalysts resonates with names mentioned below:

  • Richa Sharma: Founding Member, Marwari Catalysts

  • Anshu Jain: Digital Marketing Head

  • CA Divya Chopra: Head of Finance

  • Divya Multani: CEO’s Office Strategist

Accelerate women, accelerate business

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with empowerment in women. It is a wheel that has been set in motion. And Marwari Catalysts is proudly a part of this journey where we are lucky to not only have women led startups and women investors on board, but also a strong women workforce catalysing the change.


A strong believer of women equality, Sushil Sharma, Founder & CEO, Marwari Catalysts, has always stood for the fact that women of today have changed the professional landscape of India with their spirit, optimism, confidence and determination. They have successfully concretised the new India, which is bold, willing to take risks and paved a way for the wind of ‘change’.


Sharing his rationale he says, “At Marwari Catalysts, we have always believed that there is a very thriving women network and these women are Founders, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Executives, and others, who represent an equal future in the Indian Startup Ecosystem.

Today our employment figures speak for themselves, and this turns out to be a huge success and a great motivation for us to continue creating a wide leadership network for every woman to bridge the resources gap and to offer community support in order to ensure that they have a rightful place in the industry.”


“Women of today’s date are becoming self-aware, commanding their needs and are building a strong women community for the startup ecosystem in Tier II & Tier III cities in order to achieve their highest potential in order to be recognized, acknowledged, rewarded and respected,” says Richa Sharma, Founding Member, Marwari Catalysts, CEO & Founder at The Book Cafe.


Richa believes that opportunities reach everyone, but it is up to us, how we take them to the right path and achieve our dreams.


Inculcating a strong sense of responsibility and helping women workforce getting an equitable working environment, Anshu Jain, Digital Marketing Head, Marwari Catalysts says, “Today is the time when the need of the hour is to change the narrative and make every sphere of life gender inclusive. And startups, being considered as solution providers, have the power to fine tune the balance between tradition and change in a way that is empowering millions of women around the world and has therefore levelled the playing field for them. Also digital is the new normal and being a digital marketer, I believe that the 3 Cs: content, creativity and communication are the keys to innovation and positioning, thereby laying a strong foundation for a digital future. So the startup environment combined with the digital era is a great platform to address the market niches and for those who choose to embrace it, the opportunities are limitless.”


Bringing unique integration of numbers with deep understanding of teamwork and startup culture, on the table, CA Divya Chopra, Head of Finance, Marwari Catalysts says, “Rajasthan among other states has the highest number of successful CA candidates and with new-age startups coming around, the process of accounting has also evolved, providing an accurate snapshot of financial performance, position as well as value of business. Leading the team of Finance at Marwari Catalysts, we are determined to give a strong support of financial backup to our portfolio companies and thereby making us a strong component for financial advisory to the startups.”


A great believer in continuous learning, Divya Multani, CEO’s Office Strategist says, “I have always wanted to work in the startup industry which is innovative, energetic, optimistic and at the same time challenging. The experience of working with 100 Co-founders Club and intellectual brains is fun.”


To conclude, Men and women should be on equal footing in every sphere of life, including the workplace and leadership roles, says Marwari Catalysts. We believe that more diversity at the top leads to better decision making and business outcomes.

So let’s nurture not only our startup ecosystem but also our respective workplaces to empower women who are trying to break the glass ceiling so that they have a league of their own. More power to our Women Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs!

Pillars behind Marwari Catalysts
Pillars behind Marwari Catalysts
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