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Leading Vastu Consultancy MahaVastu Forays into Bangalore

Feb 16, 2016   18:22 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

- Expansion is driven by demand from real estate, corporates, HNIs and individual home buyers

- MahaVastu to add 240 franchisees across the globe in two years


India’s leading Vastu Consultancy ‘MahaVastu’ has announced its foray into Bangalore to cater to the growing demand for Vastu accurate spaces by the real estate industry, corporates, HNI’s and individuals for their homes and offices.


With a strong client base across the globe, MahaVastu is gearing up to add 240 franchisees within the next two years across the world. Currently there are 12 centres and plans are on to add 60 more this year.


The expansion plan across cities is due to an increasing need for a well-balanced and harmonious spaces in the current age of increasing stress levels, work life imbalance and unrealistic pressure by the society especially among young professionals and student population. MahaVastu’s proven methodology which is a fine balance between the ancient and modern sciences provides a holistic solution to this.


MahaVastu, a pioneer in Vastu Shastra, promoted by the country’s renowned Vastu Shashtri Dr Khushdeep Bansal, an expert in Vastu Shastra and Yoga Philosophy believes in creating Vastu compliant work and living spaces which will lead to harmony and a better life. His expertise lies in balancing the ecosystem by using this ancient science.


MahaVastu’s new Training Centre will be at Sadashivanagar in Bengaluru.  Mahavastu been continuously researching in this field and the MahaVastu Centres uses latest technology.


Dr Kushdeep Bansal said “We are a civilisation with a proven track record of 12000 years with accurate formulae for living in balance with the ecosystem. With more than 20,000 success stories achieved by MahaVastu across the world, we can reiterate that the imbalance of life can be addressed in a better way if we spread awareness of this holistic ecosystem - Vastu.” Dr Bansal added, “Living a happy, wholesome and blissful life has been everybody’s dream and we work towards helping them achieve this by bringing in the power of Vastu Shashtra, an ancient mystic science for designs and building.”


Dr Bansal believes in connecting our rich ancient architectural culture with modern living using Vastu Shastra, by unifying science, art, astronomy and astrology. Vastu Shashtra is considered the interplay of various forces of nature involving the five elements of earth, water, wind, fire and these elements guide and change the living styles of not only human being but every living being on earth.


Vastu is a complementary system to Yoga and Ayurveda. Mahavastu’s research shows that if our living and working environment is not balancing between life and ecosystem, then these imbalances leads to family discord, diseases etc. Thus they influence our deeds, luck, behaviour and other basics of life.


Today we see a lot of irrational and unprecedented construction work around us, and there is a strong need to create balance between life and the ecosystem. Bangalore has become congested and living space is gradually shrinking. To address situations like this MahaVastu has a track record of using Vastu methodology to create a balance between life and the ecosystem even in such limited spaces.


The need for this discipline stems from the fact that our cultural roots are firmly entrenched in our lives through temples and other religious architecture. We need to reinforce those living philosophies with a more rational mindset and that is what Mahavastu does by creating Vastu compliant living and work spaces besides creating future experts on Mahvastu, who will carry this tradition forward for the next generation.


About MahaVastu

MahaVastu has a systematic procedure and does not encourage demolition. It’s highly to create a better world to live in. The digital social media shows that millions follow this globally through Mahavastu’s best-selling books, training programmes and insightful speeches.


There are several offerings such as MahaVastu Advice, Books and Courses which are handy and easy to read. We have recently unveiled 14 new titles, Additionally, Mahavastu also offer structured training programmes in Numerology and Astrology to help people learn the true science behind Indian Vedic Sciences and learn how they can apply them practically to live with more happiness, love and prosperity. precise and focuses on accurate diagnosis and has result-oriented approach. Scientific backed, it has specific remedies for specific problems and thus offers flexibility and alternate options.  Hence with the help of scientific and contemporary research on Vastu Shastra and Sankhya Darshan, a lot can be achieved in everyone life. Today this science is being propagated worldwide by more than 1200 Vastu professionals trained by our organisation who are also setting up MahaVastu Centres across the globe to propagate this wisdom. Following the strategies of “Hindu Living Philosophy”, professionals from every walk of life are adopting this in their own life and guiding people.

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Prof. Dhanwant Singh, Bangalore Franchise Owner; Justice Rama Jois, Chief Guest; Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, Founder of MahaVastu; Ms. Sapna Sehgal, Director MahaVastu
Prof. Dhanwant Singh, Bangalore Franchise Owner; Justice Rama Jois, Chief Guest; Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, Founder of MahaVastu; Ms. Sapna Sehgal, Director MahaVastu
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