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Madhav Mahajan’s ‘Mann Baawreya’ Song Launched Successfully by One Music

Jan 16, 2019   17:26 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Indian singer-composer-music producer Madhav Mahajan getting lured his fans with his new Punjabi track ‘Mann Baawreya’. Madhav initially got attention with his Bollywood covers on songs like Naina from movie Dangal, unforgettable love mashup & enna sona from movie Ok Jaanu which became very popular on Facebook garnering more than 10 Million views collectively.


Mann Baawreya Poster


In 2018, Mahajan debuted in Punjabi music Industry with his first single track "Blame'' and later “Habit” which received rave reviews from Punjabi music Industry. In January, 2019 Madhav third song “Mann Baawreya” came which got tremendous response from all over India. His voice is soulful and deep which gets easily connected with his audience. With this song, Madhav has debuted as a music producer as well. Madhav is a doctor by profession. But considers singing and music as his passion & his first choice for career.



Mann Baawreya - Teaser


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About One Music

One Music is a Music label with its first music album released in 2018 by the name of “Mann Baawreya”. It’s already very popular among youngsters.


This label came into existence when two young minds Madhav Mahajan & his sister Hina Mahajan came up with an idea of releasing music which was fusion of different genres. The drive of doing different and unique led to blooming of this label. One music name was kept with the idea of creating music which caters to all genres. Basic idea behind the name is “Music that unites”. 


One music is coming with many more songs in the upcoming months. It has got all kind of music ranging from Folk to Traditional to Upbeat. Stay tuned to One Channel on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Mann Baawreya Poster
Mann Baawreya Poster

Mann Baawreya - Teaser
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