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Mahindra University Announces Future-Ready M.Tech. Programs

Five new M.Tech. Programs include CSE, Data Science & AI, Embedded Systems and VLSI, Systems Engineering and Power Electronics

Jun 22, 2022 11:46 IST 
New Delhi | Hyderabad, India

Ecole Centrale School of Engineering, Mahindra University (MU) Hyderabad, one of India’s fastest growing multidisciplinary educational institutions dedicated towards the technology domain today announced five new interdisciplinary M.Tech. programs. These new future-ready M.Tech. programs include CSE, Data Science and AI, Embedded Systems and VLSI, Systems Engineering and Power Electronics will be accompanied by the existing M.Tech. programs which include M.Tech. in A-EVs (Autonomous Electric Vehicles) and M.Tech. in Computer Aided Structural Engineering (CASE).


The programs aim to nurture advanced level of specialization across relevant new-age technology domains enabling widespread adoption of emerging technologies. The course structure is targeted towards providing an inter-disciplinary integration of engineering from systems understanding and management, application to life cycle management.


On the introduction of new courses Dr. Yajulu Medury, Vice-Chancellor, Mahindra University said, “Over the past few years, the Indian job market has experienced a tectonic shift in terms of required tech talent. Owing to the increased digitalization and the resulting upswing in demand for premium tech talent, India is projected to face a shortage of 14-19 lakh tech professionals by 2026. Our vision behind the introduction of these new age M.Tech programs is to bridge this talent demand-supply gap by imparting best-in-class education to our students while equipping them with superlative industry-ready skills.”


Over the past few years, India has emerged as an innovation laboratory within the tech industry and its digital talent pool accompanied by the existing vibrant innovative ecosystem is poised to redefine India’s global stature as a technology leader during the upcoming techade.


Bishnu P Pal, Professor, Dean School of Engineering and Academics said, “The vision behind these M.Tech. programs is to forge and educate the engineers of tomorrow by helping them adapt with global engineering and IoT challenges and adopt new age technologies that would help redefine the future of IoT and engineering in India.”


The newly launched industry specific M.Tech. courses and the existing M.Tech. courses are as follows:-


M.Tech. in Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems: The M.Tech. program in Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems is a 2-year full time master’s program offered to students who are interested in learning and building a fruitful career in the broad field of power electronics and drives. Looking at the substantial growth in demand for sustainable energy solutions, the program is specifically curated to lay emphasis on training the students towards the latest developments in renewable energy sector.


M.Tech. in Embedded Systems and VLSI: This program will have a duration of two-years where the students will be involved in VLSI Design, Advanced Computer Architecture, Advanced Algorithms in Design Automation, Machine Learning for VLSI Design, Low Power VLSI Design, Logic Synthesis, Testability and Design for Testability, Logic Synthesis, and Physical Verification Flows. To further facilitate those who have been enrolled within this program, Mahindra University is in the process of breaking ground on a new laboratory facility that will give students the hands-on opportunity to use the latest design automation software from the leading EDA company Synopsys.


M.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: The M.Tech. program in AI and DS is designed to enable engineering graduates acquire an advanced level of specialization in this domain, in terms of the latest advances as well as the different streams of technology development and application that reflect in both industry and academic research. To further improve their learning experience the students are introduced to reinforced learning with a flavor of autonomous systems. The students are also introduced to Financial Risk Management where Data Analytics, Machine Learning and DL are going to play a steadily growing role.


M.Tech. Program in Systems Engineering: This M.Tech. program is specifically curated for students who are interested in advanced learning and research in the field of Systems Engineering with a focus on inter-disciplinary integration of engineering, systems understanding and management, application to life cycle management. This involves learning system architecture, design, integration, implementation and sustaining it (i.e., manage, evolve and re-engineer), utilizing advanced methods of evolutionary computation, Operation Research (OR), Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO), Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), System reliability, energy management system, distribution management system, etc.


M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering: The M.Tech. program in Computer Science enables engineering students to acquire essential knowledge related to Computer Science and advanced knowledge in one of the streams of technology development relevant to industry and academic research. The curriculum has been curated in such a way that it enables the applicants to sharpen their understanding of fundamentals, strengthen the foundations required to acquire specialization in one of the theme areas of current R&D effort.


M.Tech. in A - EV’s (Autonomous Electric Vehicles): Looking at the burgeoning demand for technology talent across the EV, the university proposed M.Tech. program on A-EVs. The program enables students to comprehend and understand the various components of an Electric Vehicle, individually and as a whole. The program enables them to conceptualize and design fully autonomous vehicle and gain expertise across multiple domains such as Intelligent Transport System (ITS), infrastructure-based communication for vehicles, synthesizing intelligent mechanisms, Battery Management Systems (BMS), electric drive system along with associated electronic circuitry.


M.Tech. in Computer Aided Structural Engineering (CASE): This M.Tech. program was curated with the vision to integrate strengths of Computer Science into Structural Engineering for providing robust, accurate, fast, economical, and sustainable solutions for the current and future challenges.


Eligibility criterion for admission to these masters’ programs is full-time bachelor’s degree from any recognized University/Institute with a minimum aggregate of 60% or equivalent grade. All applicants with a valid GATE percentile score of 80 and above have to go through an interview for admission. Those with GATE percentile score of less than 80 have to additionally write a written test to be conducted by ECSE-MU.


For students who take admission through the GATE Scores, an academic fee of Rs. 1,00,000 per annum will be charged. These students will be offered teaching assistantships, which will include a Stipend of Rs. 15,000 per month plus free Boarding and Lodging in the in-campus hostels. For the Non-GATE route admission, there will be an Academic Fees of Rs. 1,00,000 per annum and Rs. 2,00,000 per annum (Hostel Charges covering both boarding and lodging). However, for non-GATE pass applicants to the MU M.Tech. programmes, the University PG Admissions Committee may suggest awarding Teaching Assistantships for select candidates based on exceptional performance in the M.Tech. Admission Test and subsequent interview conducted by MU.

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