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Manav Kedia, 17, Launches an Initiative for the Underprivileged through his Website

Nov 07, 2016   15:15 IST 
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Manav Kedia, 17, has announced the launch of his new website,, through which he is portraying his artwork and selling paintings made by underprivileged children. An upcoming painter, he devotes his time teaching the underprivileged to further  their cause and create awareness about the same. At a young age, Manav Kedia has shown that working towards a social cause needs only determination. The artworks by the underprivileged children are reasonably priced between INR 500 - INR 1500, to motivate more people to contribute towards the betterment of the society without burning a hole in their pocket. Visit to know more. 



Manav Kedia interacting with the child


The underprivileged children are taught by Manav Kedia, who then sells their artworks to collect funds for donation purposes, which ultimately enriches the lives of these children. As per him, “I wanted a digital platform to showcase my work and at the same time I wanted to utilize this platform to showcase the talent these children possess and sell the paintings made by them, to gather funds for their welfare as well as other social causes.”


He further adds, “I am excited about the website launch and the wealth of information it provides to prospective buyers of artwork by underprivileged children, media, etc. to better understand how art can help transform lives.”


Manav Kedia is also associated with Parvaah, a Charity Organization based out of New Delhi, which also has a branch in Jaipur that addresses issues on child education, environment degradation and social inequity. Manav Kedia heads the Planning & Execution department for its Jaipur division. Beinga young painter, he also takes initiatives to raise awareness about issues faced by the transgender community in India. The same is also covered extensively in the website (


About Manav Kedia

Born and brought up in Jaipur, Manav Kedia is a painter by passion, artist at heart and a student at Jayshree Periwal International School. He relies on his perceptions of realities to draw on the blank canvas. He has also joined hands with Parvaah, an NGO, to work towards social causes. With the launch of his website, he hopes to use the platform to sell the artwork of underprivileged children, to collect funds to enrich the lives of these children.


To know more about Manav Kedia, his artwork, contributions to society, and artwork by underprivileged children, visit: or you can follow him at .

Manav Kedia interacting with the child
Manav Kedia interacting with the child
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