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Marwari Catalysts Boosting the Starting Journey from Seed to Beyond, Aims to Raise USD 10m at a Valuation of USD 90m

Jun 16, 2022 16:08 IST 
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
  • MCats is a family of 40+ portfolio startups with full/partial exits from 5+ startups.

  • Represents 100+ co-founders club.

  • MCats is a family of 35% portfolio startups led by women co-founders.

  • The accelerator holds a strong network across Tier II & Tier III cities.

  • The fresh fund will be utilised to scale up the startups, strengthen the ecosystem and foray into new markets.

  • MCats is purely category-specific Accelerator and not an Incubator or Angel Network or Fund.

India’s startup ecosystem enabler, Marwari Catalysts closed its last round at a valuation of $20M, with active participation from existing and new shareholders, Sandeep Gulati (CEO - South Asia & MD - India at Egis), Yogesh Chaudhary (Founder - Jaipur Rugs), Nitin Sethi (CDO - Adani Group), Ankur Mishra (Director - Central Academy), Ashutosh Gehlot (Promotor, OS Group) and Manish Singhvi (CFO - Marlabs Inc.), the company said in a statement.

Sushil Sharma, Founder and CEO, Marwari Catalysts


The accelerator plans to use the raised funding to reinforce the current portfolio, accelerate the progress towards a digital and self-reliant India, enable global reach and engage more with growth stage startups while also offering mentorship and peripheral services.


The strategic concept behind the present fund raise is to strengthen the accelerator’s position as market leader as they plan to expand their offerings globally and as a startup advisory firm, they’ll continue to help young entrepreneurs with the right mix of capital, know-how and networks to build enduring businesses.


Somewhere down the line, one may feel that the main purpose of an accelerator is to only help early-stage startups scale up and raise funds, but looking at a broader picture, accelerators readies an ecosystem and has become the launchpads for the modern economy, beyond capital infusion, in today’s date.

In simpler words, they are the new king-makers for the startup industry and Y Combinator & Techstars are a few good examples. Accelerator's main purpose is to make the startups investor ready and that’s why even the Angel Networks/VCs/Family Funds look forward to partnering with accelerated startups.


Accelerators have a global drive to trigger the growth and development of nations through innovations and creativity. Marwari Catalysts is therefore working with the same drive and with deep roots in India (Tier II & Tier III cities) the team is passionate about investing in entrepreneurs who are poised to be tomorrow’s global leaders.


As of today’s date, Marwari Catalysts has built a portfolio of over 40+ startup companies since 2019 and continues to seek companies that are capturing new markets, providing innovative solutions and creating new wealth for India and beyond. Therefore, after the fund raise, Marwari Catalysts seeks to be a 100+ startup portfolio company.


“The idea behind launching Marwari Catalysts was always to provide a strong accelerator network and build India's most founder and investor friendly ecosystem as we believe that the main game relies on the founders and the founding team. So, today as we enter the next stage of our evolution, we feel that the financing milestone will be a testimony to our journey of innovation and disruption,” says Sushil Sharma, Founder & CEO, Marwari Catalysts.


Sharing his rationale, Ankur Mishra, Shareholder at Marwari Catalysts, Director - Central Academy says, “We always knew that there are amazing skilled founders in Tier II-III cities, but investors don’t get access to the A-grade startups. Marwari Catalysts has a progressive model which allows investors like us to participate with capital and knowledge to support the early growth stage startups in their journey from seed to beyond. We never know which idea goes on to become the next big story from India. Having built a very elite group of startup founders, we believe we have the access to some of the best opportunities in the early stage.”


Backing more than 40+ homegrown startups with full/partial exits from 5+ startups, the primary concept of Marwari Catalysts is to invest in people and their ideas, whether with money, effort, or time. Honouring 2% of the total applications that they receive, the company is dedicated to transforming promising early-stage startup ideas into viable business concepts with a local, national and global effect.


With a passion towards professional community building, Richa Sharma, Founding Member at Marwari Catalysts & a woman entrepreneur says, “MCats has always focused on having a dedicated platform to empower women who are trying to break the glass ceiling by being a part of this startup ecosystem. End result being, approx 35% of our portfolio startups today, are led by women co-founders. Keeping the momentum going and promoting women leadership, MCats aims to provide a window of opportunity with this fund raise to activate more women startup founders and women investors and come up with changes for our industry for the better.”


Being highly optimistic about MCats’ action agenda for growth, Yogesh Chaudhary, Shareholder at Marwari Catalysts & Founder at Jaipur Rugs says, “With a strong portfolio development acceleration program ensuring higher chances of success, MCats is committed to be a catalyst and a partner in unlocking the possibilities for a digital India and sits at the right juncture to enable acceleration while fueling innovation and economy in India.”


As of today’s date, 25% of the startups under accelerator’s portfolio have grown 10x wherein 70% of startups have raised their funding round, addressing 15+ categories with each batch of 6-8 startups in each cohort, with only 10-15% failure ratio, making it way beyond the industry standard.


End result being, the total combined value of Marwari Catalysts & its portfolio startups is $200M. Also with its accelerator cohort program, ‘Thrive’, MCats has got a well-seasoned and highly competent team with a full-fledged, 100 co-founders club from major cities like Jaipur, Surat, Nasik, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Ranchi, Indore, Mangalore & Chennai.


Summing up, Sushil Sharma, says, “Marwari Catalysts purely as an accelerator is now open for its backward integration with domestic & global incubators and forward alignment with Angel networks, HNIs, Family funds, VC and PE funds. Let’s connect and explore because the only growth strategy that matters is collaboration."

Sushil Sharma, Founder and CEO, Marwari Catalysts
Sushil Sharma, Founder and CEO, Marwari Catalysts
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