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Media Moments Helps Harness the Power of Growth Hacking and Strategic Communication for Startups

Apr 05, 2016   18:14 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Thou shall prosper –Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s most visible campaign to boost jobs and investments has been his ‘Start-up India, Stand-Up India’ plan. The campaign is meant to encourage entrepreneurs to start new firms that are not inspired by traditional businesses, is capable of generating jobs, and build an economy driven by technology. The entire startup community has looked as this Budget 2016 as the most interesting one, which for the first time has been prepared from the entrepreneurial vision.


The startup movement has raised the bar for decoding emerging youth talent, restrain unemployment growth and contribute to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. The fiscal budget year presents to be the budget for the hard-working families, for budding entrepreneurs and for promotion of economic development.Media Moments comprehensive insight on the start-up ecosystem bringing together cutting-edge and disruptive early-stage start-ups, current and potential investors, angels, seed funds, incubators, accelerators & mentors, along with many of India’s most active VC/PE funds.


Commenting on the budget, Ms. Poonam–Founder, Media Moments said “While the fine print will emerge eventually, I am happy that the ecosystem has got a major emphasis in Budget 2016.  All e-commerce companies applaud the move to improve digital literacy in rural India, the global financial community will see that despite the urgent need to push growth, India’s budget has not wavered from the consolidation path.”


The initially launched startup initiative defined startups as an entity, working towards innovation, development or deployment or commercialisation of new products, processes or services driven by technology or IP. On the other hand, creation and implementation of the VC and incubator schemes would be a great challenge for the government, and certain clarifications on the groundwork is expected from the Budget.


“In anticipation of perceived resilience towards uneven economic recovery, the Budget continues to flatter startups by focusing on further startup initiatives. After all, this is the first government to spot the startup space in India on such a wide scale.Startups today in the process of getting funded tend to overlook the need to streamline and focus their marketing activities.”


Today, as an entrepreneur, you master a wide range of skills: You’re resilient, passionate, a leader, and always focused on your company’s success. The vast majority of entrepreneurs also come from a technical background, and the core team they build around them is often comprised of people with similar skills.This may often lead to the startup’s marketing efforts being kept on the back burner in the initial stages of the company, and later being outsourced. However, marketing is a crucial aspect of a company and should be treated as such from the start. It defines the positioning of your company in the market, your brand, and the packaging of the product you’re selling. At Media Moments we work hand in hand with the startup to restructure their marketing spends with solutions that are tailor made to their needs.”- said Ms. Poonam.


A recent report states that startups in India are expected to raise USD 700 million and 5000 jobs in the next 12 months. The Startup India initiative plans to move in the same direction by providing incentives to startups in the form better incubation, talent and capital. To ensure that only deserving companies enjoy benefits of startup action plan.


Growth hacking is how startups use detailed market analytics and marketing strategy to increase revenue and gain more exposure. Not all plans end up working, so startups need to be flexible and adaptable to changes in markets and strategies that stem from growth hacking. Media Moments today provides a complete overview of how startups handle key decisions in terms of funding and helps entrepreneurs create strategies that are in sync with the requirement and the industry, streamline their marketing spends, ensuring a more focused and structured approach.


Probably the most striking aspect of growth hacking is its extremely creative approach to marketing. In order to tap into the growth hacker mindset, you’ll need to open your mind to every possible option – and maybe even a few that seem impossible! We’re not talking creative marketing campaigns here; we’re talking reinventing marketing itself in order to find the best way to get your message across.” – concluded Ms. Poonam.


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