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Monsoon Car Care Tips by Park+ to Keep Your Car Safe

Jul 26, 2022 12:36 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Monsoon season is here. It brings along a series of challenges for you and your Car. Monsoon is the worst time of year to drive a car since all the smallest crevices and gaps start to fill with mud, debris, and water, which can cause rust. Here are some suggestions for keeping your automobile in good condition in the rain as well as some driving safety advice and pointers for keeping your car safe from any damage.


Rust is your cars nemesis - this is how you can defeat it
The bottom surfaces of your car are just as vulnerable to exposure to rainwater as the top surfaces. Given that you are in India, you will encounter many flooded roads that make it challenging to operate a car. In such a circumstance, the underbody is immediately exposed to water-logged roadways, which may cause the underbody to rust. To prevent rust from forming on your car's underbody, it's a good idea to treat it with an anti-rust coating. Additionally ensure that you clean your cars underbelly by using professional car cleaning services, provided by Park+ a super app for car owners.


Do the Rs. 2 coin test on your tyres
Particularly during the rainy season, you should examine the condition of the tyres on your car. This is due to the fact that poor tyre tread can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and will have an impact on braking. Worn-out tyre treads will undoubtedly get you into problems on a wet, slick road. Inserting a penny is the ideal approach to assess the tread depth of your car's tyres. Take a 2-rupee coin, for instance, and place it between the treads of your car's tyres. You're good to go if half of the coin is in the treads. If most of the coin cannot fit inside the tread, you will soon need a new set of tyres.


Safe parking spot for your car
Cars take the worst hit during the monsoon season, it's even more difficult to find a safe space to park your car during this season. It is even suggested to park your vehicle in a covered or underground parking space to limit the damage. Park+ provides you with safe parking spots PAN India, in malls and apartments. Finding a parking space isn't an issue with Park+ Car parking App. It is a smooth and convenient process.


It's better to book your parking place beforehand with Park+, so that one can drive without any problem. All one needs to do this,

  • Download the Park+ Car parking App from the app store or play store.

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  • Click on find parking.

  • You can book a suitable parking space according to your destination.


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