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Natural Remedies Launches Kamdhenu to Help Cows Recover Post Calving

Kamdhenu promises to be the ideal post calving solution with optimum performance

Sep 22, 2021 12:21 IST 
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Bengaluru based Natural Remedies, one of the fastest growing Herbal healthcare companies in India has launched “Kamdhenu”, the herbal solution that addresses the post calving issues for cows and buffaloes (ruminants). Kamdhenu, derived from the Sanskrit root, ‘Kamaduha’ means, ‘the one through whom all desires are fulfilled’.


Natural Remedies Launches Kamdhenu


When it comes to ruminants, the challenges of post calving are many. The most common challenges are the pain, suffering, off-feed period, and the onset of lactation that a ruminant goes through. Other challenges are a delay in the post calving recovery period that leads to a shortened lactation length or it could even lead to a prolonged service period. In all these scenarios, the net result is a financial loss for the dairy farmer.


Kamdhenu was developed in Natural Remedies state-of-the-art research facility.


The concept of Kamdhenu is developed based on our fundamental core value of “being useful”. It is vital for us to understand the pain points of our fellow farmers and the animals who suffer from post calving. Concerns on the productivity and overall health are addressed by Kamdhenu as it ensures the quick recovery post calving while keeping them healthy. With a healthier animal, the farmer eventually gets benefitted,” said Anurag Agarwal, Managing Director, Natural Remedies at the time of the launch.


By adding Kamdhenu, one can restore the feed intake. This ensures a quicker recovery after calving. The animal is alert, active and lactation commences quickly making the farmer being assured of optimal production and overall health,” said Narender Reddy, COO, Natural Remedies.


About Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies, since 1998 is in the Manufacturing, Marketing, and Distribution of Natural Healthcare products in India and Overseas. The company strongly believes in helping to improve the planet’s biodiversity by enabling farmers to make better use of available resources. Through world-class science and innovative products, dedicated employees, and partners in over 30 countries, Natural Remedies is working to transform sustainable living.


Natural Remedies is committed to enhance the planet’s biodiversity and revitalizing the healthcare Industry with better products through expertise, passion, and science.


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Natural Remedies Launches Kamdhenu
Natural Remedies Launches Kamdhenu
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